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301Re: Steering shaft too close the the exhaust on my Chevelle

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  • hottrod41
    Dec 1, 2002
      --- In Cadillac_Performance_Association@y..., "Pollorey"
      <philsfcs@n...> wrote:
      > Is there any reason the engine couldn't be tilted to one side?
      Would it
      > help in this case? Would it screw up the rest of the clearances?
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      > Subject: Re: [Cadillac_Performance_Association] Steering shaft too
      close the
      > the exhaust on my Chevelle
      > If its a 1/4 inch i would grind some metal away and if
      > it go,s thru the manifold i,d just weld the hole.I
      > read some where that dents in headers up to some point
      > don,t hurt .And that cast iron manifold might be
      > thick.
      > --- John Crosson <johnyac@w...> wrote:
      > > Greetings,
      > > I now have my 500 in the 65 Chevelle wagon. The
      > > passenger side clears
      > > with stock manifolds. However, the steering shaft
      > > crosses in front of
      > > the second from the rear exhaust port on the drivers
      > > side(withing 1
      > > 1/4 inch). The engine is center between the rails.
      > > Moving the block
      > > in or out does not give me any additional clearence.
      > > Has anyone found
      > > a solution. Any custom steering shaft kits? I have
      > > manual steering on
      > > the car and I was not planing on changing it.
      > > johnyac@n...
      > >
      > > John C.

      Hey there! A possible solution which I would try is to add a u-joint
      to the steering shaft, an extra one, available at farm stores, you
      would have to cut and weld the steering shaft to the extra u-joint
      but that would prob give you enough extra clearance. As far as
      tilting the engine, that would upset the float levels in the
      carburetor, enough so you may have a problem, so I think
      rerouting/repositioning the steering shaft would be the best bet.

      I just now joined, didn;t know this club was around, I am a private
      collector and total gearhead in northern IL (Rockford). I have about
      70 different antique cars stuffed in my buildings, I am going to
      offer a few of them for sale, a lot are unrestored but should run, as
      they were running when parked. The trannys are all good. What I have
      for sale now is:

      '68 Cadillac SDV - $900
      '72 Cadillac ambulance, Miller Meteor $900
      '70 Cadillac Fleetwood 75 Limousine $900
      '62 Cadillac Coupe $900
      '69 Chevy Corvair $900
      '59 Chevy heavy 3/4 ton pickup $900
      '79 Firebird Espirit, no engine or trans $500
      '86 Dodge Daytona Turbocharged, needs timing reset $500
      '79 Mercury Cougar XR7 - needs timing chain $500
      '68 Lincoln, suicide doors, 4 dr., high compression 460 engine $900
      '78 Peterbilt Tractor, 3406 Caterpillar, 13 speed, engine trans and
      rears are fine, needs minor maintenance such as heater core, tach
      cable, speedo cable, and a couple air lines spliced $7995

      I am going to start an album in the photos section where you can see
      pix of the vehicles, under "hottrod". E-mail me at FHottrod4@...

      Thanks! I have about 35 years experience as a mechanic and auto-
      painter and restorer in general.
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