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2868Wanted Cadillacs & Caddy powered rods for my made in AR feature movie

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  • Cody G. Carson
    Mar 1, 2010

      Because I am a Cadillac performance enthusiast, I want to put Cadillacs and caddy powered hotrods in my upcoming feature movie to be shot in Arkansas . It is a micro budget shoot, so I can NOT pay for the cars to be in the movie. However, if you want your car in a movie and if you live in or close to Arkansas , then here is your invitation:


      AMMO: the Arkansas Movie Makers Organization, is planning a first feature film shoot with the intentions of using half or more profits to set up a private film fund that its members can use in future productions (provided qualifications are met). AMMO’s mission is to raise up the next generation of filmmakers in Arkansas . Because of this we encourage first time filmmakers and talent to get involved. We also need volunteers for crew, cast, locations, movie cars, equipment, supplies etc.


      The shoot will be for 9 days in the last of July and first of August. See out sites for details. We have AMMO groups on yahoo and linkedIN. Visit us:





      See you there.


      Cody G. Carson
      film producer, director, actor, author, inventor
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      Google my name in quotes for more information, thanks.