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2831An influential member of my 67 thru 70 Eldorado group passed away

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  • cody_g_carson
    Nov 17, 2009

      I thought I posted this announcement last month, but the email may not have gone through. I was deleting spam messages and noticed that this announcement was not there, so here it is almost a month late:


      Reno Vitulano, from Perth , Australia , known to most as " Reno Vit" or just "Ren" was very sick with a viral meningitis infection and passed away September 27th.


      In our last email, just ten days prior to his death, he told me that he had never been this sick in his life. I did not hear from him againÂ…. Early in October I sent an email asking him if he had fallen off the bottom of the globe.  On October 18th, his oldest son made contact with me using Ren's account and informed me of his death.


      Ren was the owner of one of the six Australian 67 Eldorados. His shop built pro touring suspensions and show cars. Reno 's Black 67 won several shows. He had just purchased a 3.23 ratio front diff from the GMC motor home company that I had recommended to him and he was in the process of buying an experimental fully blown 500 CID engine from Marty at MTS. I had given Ren a good recommendation about Marty. It was sad to have to be the middleman in helping his son make the contact with Marty to back out of this engine sale.


      Ren and I were working on the design of a pro touring suspension for the 67- 70 Eldorado (most all of our research would also fit the heavier 71-76 bigger Eldorado). Since my car had been stolen and crushed, and since I did not have the capital to invest into experimental suspension components, we were using his car as the test mule, while I was beginning to use my 1,000+ Eldorado owner contact influence to convince manufactures to develop the desired suspension components.  In this way, I was still able to hotrod the Eldorado even without having one anymore.


      However, since his death, I have not felt much like building Eldo Rods. 1st my car gets crushed, and then my friend diesÂ…. A tough year in my hotrodding experience, for sure.


      I know it's been two months now, but I'm sure his family can still use some prayer. Rest in Peace, Reno Vit.


      Cody G. Carson