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2804Both of my Eldorados Hauled off as junk??? Not my 70! I’m devastated!

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  • Cody G. Carson
    Aug 8 11:30 AM
      Five years ago, all of my time and resources were being channeled into the pre-production effort of a low budget movie project after my investor bailed. I had recently sold the "Shelter" movie Mustang (one of my daily drivers) http://www.cardomain.com/ride/3360648 and my 82 Eldorado's 472 started knocking.

      Both of my Eldorados were on my property in non-running condition and the neighbors began to complain. Having non-running autos is a violation of my "bill of assurance" and was why my 500 powered 72 Mustang fastback had been stored at a friend's house. That friend's yard was full of his own project cars and parts cars so there was no room for the Caddys. I did not have time to fix my 82 and my 70 would no longer fit into my garage because of things we needed to store. I had a friend who owned a bodyshop 120 miles away who supported my filmmaking efforts and had thought about investing in my movie, but was unable at the time. I asked him if I could keep my Eldorados in the field behind his shop where he stored his projects and said it would at least be a year or longer – depending on filming progress- until I could do something with them, and I might hire him to do the work. He agreed.

      Well, the filming of that movie was sabotaged and the footage is so wrecked it will take extensive CG work to fix it, so I was unable to finish the project. That botched filmmaking job robbed me of the credibility to get more investors for other filmmaking projects and so I have had to live "as a fish out of water" working various jobs (sometimes two or three jobs at the same time) just to pay the bills. Then there was my mom's death, my wife's breast cancer, and my 72 Mustang getting "stolen" or hauled off. My friend understood and said the cars were just fine where they were.

      So Recently, I find out that my wife has sandbagged just over $500 for my upcoming birthday and wants me to fix my 82 Eldorado. I start a budget for it and find a guy at work who will overhaul the engine for free labor. I got excited and was working out a temporary place close to home for one or both of the cars and call the guy to ask about their current condition and if I will need a chain saw to cut brush away from them…..

      Then he drops the bomb. He says he lost my number and was being pushed to get the cars off of his uncle's field. Apparently the uncle is about to die and the uncle's kids don't want anyone else's vehicles on the property when he passes away. My friend takes his wife to the hospital and when he comes back, both of my Eldoraodos were gone.

      I'm talking about my 1970 Eldorado (my first car that I have owned for 28 years and races in the SCCA autocross)

      and my 1982 Eldorado with TBI injected 472 and a half finished pro-touring suspension of my own design.


      I am currently trying to find out if they went to a crusher or a salvage yard. Either way, they have been gone for a few months and it doesn't look good. I had three BB Caddy projects and then I got poor. Now I have no project cars and the loss of my 70 hurts deep because I never wanted to sell that car. It is the best car I have ever owned and would out accelerate, out corner and out stop both of my 72 Mustangs. Even if I get another 70 Eldorado, the history I have with that one can't be replaced.

      Sorry for such a long post….. I needed to vent.