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2793Requesting more moderators

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  • Cody G. Carson
    Jul 9, 2009
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      Requesting more moderators


      1st I want to say thank you to the moderators. It is difficult to control spam in any yahoo group that has over 100 members and it is a big job to control it in any group that has over 500 members. Due to my schedule, the current moderators have been much more dedicated to the success of this group than I have. Again, thank you.


      2nd We were hit hard by spammers recently, and I went through and removed those messages from the group- but for those of you who get email from here- sorry you had to go through that stuff. Spam is what drives some of our members away.


      3rd. Thank you to the members who have been active helping others with their problems. And thank you for putting up with the spam that does get through.


      Finally: with a group this size that is slowly but steadily growing, we need more moderators. This is so that the moderators who are already doing a good job can have a break anytime they need one. I know for me, that I have been so focused on my filmmaking and writing career for the past four years, that my membership here (and my Cadillac hotrod activity) has been minimal.  If you love this group and would like to help moderate it, then post a message. If someone posts a message who has no business moderating this group – and you know it- then please post an objection. I do not want to give accidentally give a spammer or an obnoxious kid control of this group – it has been around for too long to self destruct like that.


      Thank you,

      Cody G. Carson

      ~Group Owner~