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2662RE: [Cadillac_Performance_Association] Lotus 7 Replicar

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  • Rex Judicata
    Aug 7, 2008
      Posted by: "Jonathan Cook" jwjcook@...

      I am in the process of building a Locost kitcar Lotus 7 replica. I
      really want something that is hopelessly overpowered and scary as hell
      "! That is why I am interested in a Caddy 472-500 engine swap. Now
      obviously I would like to keep the weight to a minimum, so I am curious
      to know what a 472-500 would weigh with aluminum goodies. Also what
      manual transmission can handle the gobs of torque a caddy can put out? I
      basically want to bring exotic high "$$" sportscar owners back to
      reality!! A very very poor man's Bugatti Veyron!!

      Jonathan, I can think of a number of better alternatives than anything
      with a cast iron block, regardless of displacement. A pity it's not an
      Allard kit - the Cadillac would seem symbolically appropriate there -
      but a Lotus 7 clone? The kits I've seen had wimpy frames - real
      flexi-flyers. I would go for whatever 'appropriate' engine is lightest.
      I hope you'll post details and photos of the completed project.
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