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2657Re: My Cadillac Story

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  • Rex Judicata
    Aug 2, 2008
      Just in case you don't know the Catera -  A little history. The Catera was introduced as a USA 1997 model. From the Catera Yahoo! group, it is clear the first two years tended to be troublesome, but were well sorted by 1999. It was based upon the Opel Omega. There were Holden and Vauxhall equivalents. The Holden version came here as the Pontiac GTO. I think that lasted three years. Cadillac did some re-engineering and re-specification in an effort to make the car more Cadillac and less one of GM's World Car. Front engine, rear drive, 3.0 liter V-6. Standard equipment was fairly comprehensive. The Omega was a direct market competitor for the C-class Mercedes Benz. The current CTS has similar specification, although not based upon the Opel/Holden/Vauxhall. My car, at 1999 model, was built in Germany. I believe the entire production run until they switched over to the CTS was built in Germany.
      My car has displayed one perplexing problem. In the three months I have had the car, it has failed to start three times. Each time with the same symptoms.
      1. Turning on the ignition, all appears normal. All dash lights come on normally, etc.
      2. Turning the key to start, all dash lights go off, the battery gauge drops toward zero, and the starter does not engage. (The battery is new and fully charged.)
      3. Once this happened with a cold car, twice when the car had been driven and parked for about 15 or 20 minutes.
      4. After waiting about 15 or 20 minutes, the car starts normally.
      5. The local dealer has been unable to diagnose the problem. They claim the solenoid and starter are fine. They also checked battery cables, battery, and charging circuit. All claimed to be normal.
      Possibilities? crankshaft sensor? ECU? Ignition switch? Ghosts?