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26221990 heater problem

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  • husband & wife
    Mar 3, 2008
      My 1990 Brougham's heater will not shut off. It is stuck on high. I
      have to get under the hood and disconnect the plug on the ????? to shut
      it off. I tried replacing the ?????? but the problem wasn't solved. I
      am not talking about the wire that goes to the fan itself- it is a
      mechanism beside the fan with two plugs on it and is about 6 or 7
      inches long and an inch or two wide with aluminum fins on it. Is there
      a relay under the dash or could it be the switch itself. The settings
      work fine on the heater and the thermostat works also. Please help - I
      want to drive this never winter driven car to Florida next week. It
      seems as if the red power wire going to this mechanism has power all
      the time-even when you shut the car off.