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2612Re: [Cadillac_Performance_Association] i need some help with a 93 cad eldo with a north star

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  • Sean Janne
    Jan 18, 2008
      --- cadillac_blunt <cadillac_blunt@...> wrote:

      > i have a problem with surging at an idle ive pulled
      > the codes it comes
      > back as a ignition control mod but ive replaced and
      > the problem is
      > still there can any one help?

      A surge is usually from an Idle Speed Controller motor
      problem. And a problem with the ISC doesn't always
      set a code!

      Sean Janne
      Portland, Maine
      2000 STS 4.6L Northstar (95,000 miles)
      1994 Sedan Deville 4.9L (144,000 miles)
      1993 Coupe DeVille 4.9L (73,000 miles)
      2006 Kawasaki Ninja 250R (7,000 miles)

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