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  • Juan Ayon
    Oct 4, 2002
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      Welcome Brad. Congrats on scoring the two Caddies.
      In regards to putting the 500 in your work truck. I'm not gonna try
      to tell you that it can easily be done, but I do know that it's
      possible. From my understanding the only thing that needs to be done
      is to drill the crank to accept a pilot bearing/bushing (whatever
      the heck it is). Unless someone else on this board answers your
      questions in more detail, I would encourage you to post your
      questions on the MTS messageboard. That's where alot of us are from
      anyway. http://members.boardhost.com/BadCad/
      I know for sure that quite a few guys that frequent the MTS
      messageboard have manual tranny's behind their 500's. There is also
      a guy on the MTS messageboard that goes by CaddyCarlo who makes and
      sells the pilot bearing/bushings.
      Just to let you know, this board was created mainly for archive
      purposes since we were losing so much valuable info. due to the non-
      functioning archive system that the MTS messageboard has. With that
      said, we don't discourage questions at all, so feel free to ask what
      you wish. If we can't answer your questions we'll try to direct you
      to a board that can possibly help. Oh ya, you can post pics of your
      projects too if you like.
      Good luck,

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