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22511973 Series 75 9-passenger Sedan (LIMO)

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  • ne162429
    Dec 2, 2006
      Years ago I bought a 1973 ex-funeral home Caddy Limosine as a party
      car. Upon closer examination now, I find it is not a LIMO, but
      actually a Series 75 Nine-Passenger Sedan. One of only 1017 Model
      69723 Nine-Passenger Sedans made that year. (Caddy produced 304,839
      cars in 1973.) But I digress..... It had sat for about 7 or 8 years
      and me and my boy got it running and used it for "country cruisin'" a
      bit last summer. It still runs fine (point ignition) and doesn't have
      HUGE miles on it, but I have no further need for it. The car is
      located near Roblin, Manitoba, Canada, which is a long way from
      anywhere. It has clear title. I would appreciate any responses as to
      what the old girl may be worth. She has a 472 and a TH400, as
      all '73's had except the Eldo. Thanks in advance. JOHN HUNTER....63
      Fleetwood....63 Sedan de Ville....72 Sedan de Ville....73 Series 75
      Nine Passenger Sedan....74 Eldo....74 Sedan de Ville....76 Eldo