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2249I may be in over my head

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  • Ben Bockover
    Dec 2, 2006
      I just got into a 1952 62 series with 40k on it. I am now the second
      owner it has been sitting in a barn sence 1957. the body and
      engine/compartment is in great shape. but the inside is a different
      story rats have had there way with the seats, floors, dash, and
      wireing. My Plan is to get it mechanicaly sound before i worry about
      the cosmetic. Now before i do any thing should i get it running first
      and see what dont work or go ahead with a rebuild kit for the 331. I
      looked up priceing for a long block and noticed the 500 is cheeper
      then a 331. is that a worth wile swop or something else. I herd some
      thing about a 500 with 472 heads has 10:1 but will i have to change
      the rear end with that. Like i said i may be in over my head so any
      advice would help.
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