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207Hey Yvette, are you gonna do a Caddy Hot Rod project?

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  • Cody Carson
    Sep 16, 2002
      Welcome aboard, Yvette. I noticed that you get individual e-mails as a member, and I know that Porsches are your favorite car; has all of my Cadillac Performance ramblings convinced you to build a "Porscheillac"?  I have thought about one, but am undecided as to weather to put a 500 big block or a Northstar into one. I like the mid '80s  944 body style. The only problem with the idea is how to keep the power of the Cadillac from tearing the Porsche's body to pieces-it would take a good roll cage; the Northstar would out power the Porsche's engine enough to be a worthwhile project, but don't yet know if it would need a cage. However, with power like that-I think I'd want one anyway. Do you have a Porsche now? What kind/Year? Would it be a candidate for an engine swap, or do you think you would start from scratch if you chose to build one? Would it be for sports car handling applications like an autocross race, or would it be for drag racing?

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