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1841Puttin cad 500 in a 93 caprice station wagon

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  • Jacob Vogelpohl
    Jan 2, 2006
      hello, i have been puttin together a caddy 500 to put
      in my 1983 delta 88, and ive collected parts for a
      while now... too long since a tree fell on my delta
      and put a stop to my plans i now have a 93 caprice
      station wagon and want to put the 500 in there, with a
      tbi off a 454 (and later build a tpi intake with 1000
      cfm lt-1 throttle body) will the frame stands from the
      78 caddy work like the would have worked for my delta?
      i want this install to look as factory as possible,
      also did any of the 368's come with serpantine belts?
      and did they ever have the 700r4 over drive
      transission? im lookin to keep over drive and some
      options, also has any one ran a tbi off a 454 on a
      500? what kind of power can i get with it, i know
      carberation would unleash more but i want to keep the tbi.

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