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1719RE: [Cadillac_Performance_Association] engine conversion

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  • Brian Smith
    Aug 28, 2005
      4.9's work good in a Fiero too :)
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      Use the 4.9 computer from it's original donor car. 

      Otherwise, I'm curious as to why you would put a 4.9 in a rear wheel
      drive application?  There are plenty of other rear-drive engines that
      will provide more power and better reliability than the 4.9, and you
      wont be doing the conversion such as you speak of (like an LT-1). 

      If I were to put that 4.9 in something, I'd find a late 90's Monte
      Carlo or Z34 and have one heck of a "sleeper".

      Preston III

      --- darlie1950 <darlie1950@...> wrote:

      > what and where can i get a computer to make a 4.9 engine run in a 78
      > malibu  what trani will work on that 4.9 for rear wheel drive malibu

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