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1694Re: [Cadillac_Performance_Association] Re: building your own intake

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  • Jacob Vogelpohl
    Aug 22, 2005
      what do you mean by dry?? it sounds like it is, i want a multi port fuel injection, not tbi,  wont suport enough HP barly 400 im told and i want the look of the lt-1 or TPI that would be suficent, so how do i figure out runner size? i was thinkin 2'' runners, i don't want to kill low end tourque, but i don't want to choke it on the top end either, it will need to breath to 5500-5800 RPM

      david brode <dbrode@...> wrote:

      You talking dry intake with port injectors? If so, you could cross the
      runners from side to side, even U-turning them back around, into the
      side of the plenum, on the opposite side. Like an tuned port chev
      intake. I'd make the runners as long as possible.

      --- In Cadillac_Performance_Association@yahoogroups.com, Jacob
      Vogelpohl <vogey@y...> wrote:
      > what would it take to build your own intake for a 500 cad? i want to
      build a lt-1 style intake for my engine (want it to look stock in my 94
      buick roadmaster estate wagon) i was thinkin a short tunnel ram style
      with a throttlle body on the end? is it possible? its really a street
      engine. so how would i build the intake so im not killin low end torqe?
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