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1678Re: 472 rear sump oil pan

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  • david brode
    Aug 18, 2005

      The '68-'78 big eldo rear sump pan is the best bet, but make sure to
      get the pu tube, as those pu tubes are no longer available new.

      Afaik, the weird [welded sump] rear sump pan from the smaller '79
      to '84 fwd cars [425" and 368"] might also work, but I'm not sure
      which pu tube is required. You *may* be able to use a pu tube from
      the '79 car, as afaik, it was a 425". Afaik, the pu tube from the 80-
      84 engines [368"] will work on the the '68-'79 engines.

      Not sure if your Nova subframe will allow it, but the '77-84 rwd pan
      is a mid sump. Afaik, the '77-'79 pu tube must be used, but the 80-84
      pan is the same as the 77-79.

      I would try to get the dipstick tube from the engine the pan comes
      from, and note which hole it is in when you remove it.

      --- In Cadillac_Performance_Association@yahoogroups.com, roybilt@w...
      > does anyone know if such a thing exists? i want to drop my 1973 472
      down in
      > my 37 pontiac which has a 70 nova front frame under it. i need a
      rear sump to
      > clear the crossmember and tie rods.
      > Roy
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