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1669Re: 472 rear sump oil pan

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  • Dee
    Aug 12, 2005
      I check for weeks and got this tip: that the oil pan (and the oil
      pickup) from a 1980 cadi with...I cant remember....368 or 386 c/i works-
      -pretty sure its 386. I think that motor only appeared in 1980. My
      husband is putting a 69 cadi 472ci into an 57 cadi and we had that same
      problem with the pan placement. Well, the oil pan bolted right up and
      it fits like a glove. I think the dipstick had to be moved but it wasnt
      a big deal....I wasnt there to see that but he pointed that out and
      said it wasnt any problem. We havent run the motor yet....I also heard
      that the pan may need to be beat out a bit so nothing rubs on the
      inside but we don't think thats going to be a problem. Everything fit
      right on. Hope that helps!
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