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1535Re: [Cadillac_Performance_Association] electric fans?

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  • Preston III
    Feb 14, 2005
      You might verify the distance from around the edge of the fan blades
      to the shroud. If it's too large, the fan will be ineffective. It
      should be an inch or less all the way around. There is a GM 7-blade
      fan available for mechanical use.

      Investigate going to a thermostic controlled fan blade too. You
      shouldn't need the fan above 30 MPH, so why give up the horsepower
      and pay for the gasoline to spin it.

      You could also install a thermostatically controlled pusher fan in
      front of the radiator to supplement the mechanical unit.

      Verify that there is sufficient ductwork and clearances to direct
      air through the radiator and not around it when the fans need to be

      You might also look into some kind of wetting agent for your
      coolant, as this can make a difference in marginal situations.

      Good Luck!
      Preston III

      --- fivehundocutlass <fivehundocutlass@...> wrote:

      > My 72 Cutlass runs cool when rolling but starts to creep up in
      > traffic. I have a stock cad eldorado fan with a spacer, no fan clutch.

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