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1429Re: The '49-'62 V8... anything out there?

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  • david brode
    Dec 12, 2004
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      Good point. I've decked a couple of them, but only 10-20. There was
      no need to cut the intake, or intake side of head. The intake may
      ride up on the heads a wee bit, but unless a large amount of mat'l
      was cut, the ports can be re-aligned when port matching.

      If it was a problem, the intake could be cut, or the intake side of
      the head, although the valve cover bolt hole bosses there make it a
      bit tricky.

      I know that this issue is common, as the .015" shorter 6.735" forged
      olds rods are often used in the caddy. Another old combo is 7" olds
      rods and 403" olds pistons. That combo is 40-50 thou short, so I'm
      sure it's been addressed.

      III <prestoniii2002@y...> wrote:
      > I've never decked the block, or shaved the heads of a Caddy
      > engine, but if it's anything like a Chevrolet small block,
      > there's a limit that you can go before you have to do some
      > machining to the intake manifold too. I expect that if you
      > go past a certain extent, then you'll be in for spending
      > even a few dollars more!
      > Don't forget to inquire as to whether the changing geometry,
      > and clearances of the intake/head surfaces may require a
      > specific gasket, such as something extra thick.
      > Also, in a true performance application, you may consider
      > port matching the intake manifold to the intake side of
      > the cylinder heads, as this is the dimension that will change
      > as you go shaving things.
      > Preston III
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