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1427Re: [Cadillac_Performance_Association] Re: The '49-'62 V8... anything out there?

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  • Preston III
    Dec 12, 2004
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      I've never decked the block, or shaved the heads of a Caddy
      engine, but if it's anything like a Chevrolet small block,
      there's a limit that you can go before you have to do some
      machining to the intake manifold too. I expect that if you
      go past a certain extent, then you'll be in for spending
      even a few dollars more!

      Don't forget to inquire as to whether the changing geometry,
      and clearances of the intake/head surfaces may require a
      specific gasket, such as something extra thick.

      Also, in a true performance application, you may consider
      port matching the intake manifold to the intake side of
      the cylinder heads, as this is the dimension that will change
      as you go shaving things.

      Preston III

      --- david brode <dbrode@...> wrote:

      > Jessie,
      > [bottom]
      > <snip
      > > Jerry wanted to keep the costs reasonable, to "deck the block "
      > > will require a complete disassembly, and is hardly a way to keep
      > the
      > > cost down, and as he stated he did not want to get into piston
      > > changes.
      > > I made my recommendation based on the premise that he wanted an
      > > inexpensive power increase for a engine that was going into a
      > street
      > > rod, no it is not the 'ultimate' performance build up, but if it is
      > > not being used as a race car, there is no need to pursue a lot of
      > > expensive modifications that are unnecessary for strong street
      > > performance. Jessie
      > Well, the reason I suggested decking the block for a tight quench and
      > whacking the heads a bit, was because he said that money was an
      > issue. Decking the block 20-30 thou costs just $65-$80 around here.
      > Cutting the heads .050" or so would be a few more bucks, but not too
      > much. Of course, once it's apart, hot tanmk, cam bearings, etc would
      > cost him some. Personally, I would want to ring and bearing it
      > anyway.
      > The 425 head swap might be a much better bang per buck, I admit. As I
      > see it, for a '74-'76 500, other than the 425 heads, the only other
      > affordable option is to change to the dished KBs and 76cc heads to
      > get any decent compression increase. Even the true flat top KBs on
      > the 120cc heads aren't going to gain much over the very small dish
      > stock late pistons.
      > Dave

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