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1419Re: The '49-'62 V8... anything out there?

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  • david brode
    Dec 11, 2004

      The '74-'76 500s have 120+ cc chambers and a very small dish. If the
      bores look good, you could just deck the block for a .040" or so
      assembled quench, and whack the heads to get to *maybe* 9.5-1. Fyi -
      KB makes no dish flat tops for it if it needs bored [which I doubt it

      Another option would be dished KB designed for the early heads. They
      give 10-2-1 or so with the '68-'73 heads [76cc]. Another option is to
      use 107cc 425 heads on your shortblock. They'll put you a little over
      9.5-1. The 425 heads don't flow as well as yours, but a little work
      and they'll do ok. The 76cc heads flow better than yours, btw, but
      not much in stock form. More fyi - 2.11"/1.66&1.77" pontiac valves
      fit the 107 and 120cc heads perfectly. For larger valves on the 76cc,
      aftermarket valves are available from the caddy
      parts vendors.

      > Nother question: Is it acceptable practice to mill the heads to
      > compression a point to a point-and-a-half? If so do you have to go
      > different length pushrods or will there still be sufficient
      > between valves and piston? I'm looking for about 9.5:1 CR to help
      > performance. I know the best way to go is usually different pistons
      but I'm
      > trying to keep the costs reasonable.
      > Thanks. You guys have been great with the information and advice.
      > Jerry Brown
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