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  • Jerry Brown
    Dec 6, 2004
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      hi Dave,
      the block and heads are cast iron. I'm pretty satisfied its a 74 472 with
      the flat top pistons. Everything else appears to be stock.
      Jerry Brown

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      The 472 rods are 6.75" long, and wrist pins are 1".
      What's the bore/stroke? 425/472/500 valves are apx 2"/1.625".
      Rod journal is 2.5". I'm not well read on casting #, or the 368"
      engines. Are the block/heads cast iron?

      --- In Cadillac_Performance_Association@yahoogroups.com, "Jerry
      Brown" <jerome@p...> wrote:
      > I recently purchased an engine and transmission for a 36 Chev
      > I am streetrodding. I am old enough to believe in cubic inches as
      > effective and FUN. In that spirit I purchased what I was told was
      > 1974 472 Cadillac and accompanying 400TH transmission. The price
      > so good I considered the transmission a great buy and the engine a
      > gift. I bought the package to get the transmission as the engine
      > a basket case. I'd like to rebuild and use if it has potential. I
      > know very little about Cadillac big block engines and want to
      > more.
      > Here are some codes I found. Can any of the members help me with
      > proper identification:
      > Block stamped in back by sending unit: 49520
      > Block stamped in front, top: 207
      > Heads both stamped: 1602498 on top of head under rocker arm cover
      > Crank stamped in three places with the following: N, 319, CFD5Y
      > Pistons are flat top, not dished or raised and stamped on top: 2D
      > they have a notch on the top edge (presumably to align correctly)
      > Pistons have an R cast in side close to wrist pin hole
      > Top of piston to ctr of wrist pin hole is apprx 1.795"
      > Wrist pin hole is apprx .454" dia.
      > Rods are stamped with a 25 and a symbol that looks like a
      small 'w'
      > with a line over the top and underneath the 'w'. Its pretty faint
      > I'm not sure of that identification. I'm loooking at it as though
      > is a vertical alignment. If you look at it as horizontal it could
      > 131 stamped on the rod. Its so faint its hard to tell.
      > Rods are approximately 6.875" long from ctr of wrist pin hole to
      > center of crankshaft hole. Big end of the rods appear to be in OK
      > condition but no bearings so difficult to tell. No looseness in
      > wrist pin area.
      > Distributor does not have points and appears to be solid state
      > HEI?
      > I'd appreciate any help in identifying this engine and whether its
      > stock or not. The seller seemed to think the flat top pistons were
      > big deal and the engine did not have a cam in it leading me to
      > consider the possibility it may have been non-factory and pulled
      > save for another engine.
      > Cylinders have no ridges and hone marks are still visible, pistons
      > look good with not very much carbon on top. combustion chambers on
      > heads and valves have considerable carbon but certainly not the
      > worst build up I've seen. Crank shaft journals are not
      > spun/gouged/burned and neither are the mains but the bearings are
      > all gone so its hard to tell what kind of wear it might have had.
      > Thanks.
      > Jerry Brown
      > Woodland WA
      > ps. tried to send similar message earlier but don't think it went
      > through. If this is a duplicate, please excuse.

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