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  • uri
    welcome aboard the CWRU Law 09 listserve. let s kick it off with some introductions. my name is uri strauss. i m 30 years old, and dropping out of the final
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 9, 2006
      welcome aboard the CWRU Law '09 listserve.

      let's kick it off with some introductions.

      my name is uri strauss. i'm 30 years old, and dropping out of the final stage of a phd program (linguistics, umass amherst) to go to law school. well, not so much dropping out as taking a redundant masters degree (redundant because i already have an MA in linguistics, from a different institution). before deciding to make the switch, i had worked on topics like the semantics of verb plurality, possessives, and genericity.

      i live in northampton, MA right now. northampton is known as the best small town for arts in the USA, as well as the lesbian capital of the USA. i'll miss both. i'm canadian, and grew up in montreal, toronto and palestine (middle east, not texas).

      my main hobby is politics. i've been very involved in political movements in the past ten years, and the decision to go to law school is based in large part on my experiences in student government doing student advocacy work. i'm also into language study, although as a linguist i tend to get distracted by theoretically interesting phenomena when i should be memorizing vocabulary and grammar. i'm studying arabic right now, in anticipation of possibly returning to israel to practice law there. i'm an enthusiastic, though not very good, participant in team sports, especially soccer and floor hockey.

      i'm not sure yet what area of law i'd like to practice. that's just as well, i think - it will give me a chance to sample different things before making an informed decision. a couple of inklings i have are criminal law (that's what i'd like to practice if i go back to israel) and litigation. right now i'm the pro se plaintiff in a suit against the university of massachusetts and the state of massachusetts over freedom of information, so i'm getting a tutorial on civil procedure - although the suit is in a state court rather than federal court.

      i visited case about a week and a half ago and pretty much decided then and there that it's my top choice. i'm excited to move back to a city after spending the last 6.5 years in small towns.

      looking forward to hearing from you all.

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