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  • clevelanderph
    Apr 18, 2006
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      Hey everybody. My name is Patrick. I am 28 year old guy from the
      Cleveland area (Lakewood). I went to Cleveland State for undergrad. I
      wanted to go away for law school, to either NYC or Chicago, but when it
      came down to picking, Case was really the gut feeling- plus I really
      like Cleveland.

      I have been working for AT&T (formerly SBC) as a sales manager for the
      last 5 years, so going to school full time is certainly a scary thought-
      but I am looking forward to life as a full time student. However, I
      think I am going to have a to find a roommate, which will be an
      adjustment for sure.

      I am undecided as to the type of law I would like to study, I think
      that health law would be up there, but we'll see. Anyways, looking
      forward to meeting my new classmates.