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  • maudlininacan
    Apr 12, 2006
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      Hi -

      I'm Neil. I'm 22 and just about to graduate from a small college in
      Pennsylvania, where I've majored in English. I'm most interested in IP
      law and its relationship to the Internet/technology -- I'll be working
      for the Motion Picture Association of America's IP Department this
      summer (even though I think they're kind of the 'bad guys') -- and
      plan to specialize in that at Case.

      As far as non-academic things go... I love music and am pretty excited
      about The Grog Shop and other venues in the area (I listen to a lot of
      indie music, some rap, classic jazz--a pretty wide variety of genres
      and time periods) and reading (especially fiction, and especially
      multicultural and magical realist fiction, like Salman Rushdie).

      Case honestly wasn't my first choice, but I was really impresed with
      the school when I visited - and am excited to attend this fall.

      Are you all planning to live in Coventry or the Triangle or elsewhere?
      This'll be my first apartment (non-dorm/home), and I'm a bit
      apprehensive about finding a place and all.