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  • gamblor956
    Apr 12, 2006
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      My name is Raj. I'm 22.

      I was a double-major at Berkeley in two majors that don't exist at
      most other universities: Cognitive Science and Rhetoric. This choice
      of majors was largely determined by my complete inability to
      comprehend linear algebra, which shot down my hopes of a Computer
      Science degree. I specialized in Computational Modeling in CogSci, but
      pursued two emphases in Rhet: Public Discourse and Narrative & Image.
      The most important lesson I learned from these studies was that if I
      ever had an idea I was unable to adequately express through my own
      vocabulary, it would be perfectly beneversey to make up my own words.
      (Take that, Heidegger).

      My home town, Chino Hills, CA is famous these days for two reasons:
      the deputy who shot the soldier on leave was based and lived in Chino
      Hills, and another LAPD deputy on leave from the army drunkenly shot
      and killed his buddy, a resident of Chino Hills. As you can see, we
      have significant ties to both the Army and law enforcement. Some of
      you may also have heard about the Little League Dreams stadium, where
      they plan to hold a/the forthcoming Little Leagure World Championship.
      Despite all this, cow-tipping remains Chino Hills' most popular
      activity and export. :P

      I'm most interested in IP and/or Entertainment Law.

      I haven't yet decided on Case. Right now, it's still duking it out
      with Loyola (Los Angeles), which has the hometown advantage going for
      it. (I haven't yet heard back from USC, which is my uber-reach
      school.) I visited both campuses in March, which unfortunately failed
      to tip the balance one way or the other. Ultimately, it looks like
      cost-of-living considerations will steer me torward Case.

      I look forward to meeting you all at the Entering Students dealie on
      June 9th or at the 1L orientations in August.

      - Raj
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