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Shalom. Brilliant idea – Easy cashflow

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  • mmatzliach
    Brilliant idea – Easy cashflow. There is integrity here, as well as care. You have really nothing to lose here– only to win…and what a winning is this! I
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 8, 2005
      Brilliant idea – Easy cashflow.
      There is integrity here, as well as care. You have really nothing to
      lose here– only to win…and what a winning is this!
      I found what you are going to read here in one of the forums I use
      to enter and this one was exceptionally unusual. The article says
      that we can earn money- a lot of money, in few weeks and with basic
      investment of only 6$ and 6 stamps.

      o.k...my first thought was:"this must be a scam", but I was more
      interested now and kept reading…
      It was said there that if I'll send 1$ to each one of the 6 names &
      addresses that appeared in the article, I could make thousands of
      dollars in a very short time.

      In addition, there is a need to add your name & address as a "number
      6" in the bottom of the list and to send to 300 discussion groups in
      the net ( There are about 500,000 of them). That is quite a large
      market, isn't it? (and this is no trap – it works!)
      Well, I read many offers on the net, but in this one I could
      recognize the care & integrity I was looking for long time in
      business so I decided to participate.

      If this letter will continue as it should and if we'll not think
      instantly that we are being cheated and doubt it immediately… If we
      can use our energies & use a brilliant opportunity…
      So the first question was, of course, does it work?
      And yes,the answer is yes!
      It's true and it works! The man above me on the list tells : "in 7
      days I started to receive cash on the mail. I was in a sock..I
      assumed it will end soon and didn't pay mach atention..but the cash
      kept on coming! In the first week I've made 25$. In the end of the
      next week I've done 1000$. In the end of the third week I had 42,000
      $ and it keeps on coming.
      It certainly paid well my 6$ & 6 stamps".

      To your attention! Please follow these simple instructions and see
      how the money comes!
      It's easy, it's legal and your investment is only 6$, 6 stamps & a
      bit of work.
      If all the following instructions will be done with attention, you
      will see extraordinary dividend.
      This plan keeps on succeeding because of the honesty & the
      participation of the people that reads it. Please continue its
      success and help all of us to help one another.
      Here are 4 steps to success:

      Step 1
      Take 6 separated pieces of paper (preferably dark, to avoid stealing
      on mail) and write the following sentence on each one of the
      papers: "please add me to your mailing list". Write your exact name
      & address. Now take 6 notes of 1$ each and put each one of them in
      each dark piece of paper so that the money cannot be seen. Put each 1
      $ note covered with the dark paper in a separate envelope
      (preferred dark) and close them.
      Now you should have 6 closed envelopes. In each envelope you should
      have a note with the sentence & 1$ note.
      What you are doing is to create service. You ask for a legitimate
      service which is to be included in the mailing list of the person to
      whom you apply the request and you pay for it.

      Send the 6 envelopes to the following addresses:
      1) Keren Aloni – Moshe' Dayan rd' 57. Tel – Aviv - Israel
      2) Youval Erlich – Mitzpe' Horashim – 24954 - Israel
      3) Nurit Yavnieli - Kashtan 3 Haifa - Israel
      4) Vald Dalinsky – Hana Senesh 57 Haifa 33854 – Israel
      5) Miki Segal, Ha'prahim 11 apt 7 Haifa – Israel
      6) Micha Matzliach, Ma'ale' Zvia 20129 – Israel

      Step 2

      Take out the first name (number 1# ) from the list above. Move all
      the rest up ( 6 becomes 5, 5 becomes 4 etc'), and add your name as
      number 6# on the list.

      Step 3

      Use Netscape or Internet explorer and search for discussion groups (
      chats, forums, communities, board segassem, other boards etc' (
      there are more then 500,000 world-wide different forums).

      Step 4

      Change what you need, but keep the article close as possible to the
      Send the article at least to 300 groups on the net ( no panic – it's
      fun). All you need is 300 but remember – as you send to more – you
      receive more cash!

      Also, if you chose, send the corrected letter to your friends and
      offer them to join this plenty plan.

      An explanation to- how to send this letter to groups in the net

      Go to the document you've saved on your computer and add your name
      according to step 2. Remember – your name should appear as number
      6# on the list. ( Keep the document as text-file so if you wish to
      do your mailing in other way, it's possible).
      Send your article as a new message by marking the text & copy-paste
      it as a new message on the group board you've found. Mark the
      headline of the subject – this is what everyone will see when
      they'll get to the certain group.
      Click on "send message" and you've done the first group! That's it.
      All you need to do is to move from group to group and to send again.
      When you'll get used to it, it will take about 30 seconds per group!
      Remember – more groups = more money!! 300 seems the minimum and if
      you'll do more?..... So that's it – you'll start to get cash from
      all over the world.
      Please remember!! – this plan remains successful because of the
      honesty & integrity of it's participants and because of the
      carefulness and clear attention in following the instructions.
      Look at it this way – If you are people of integrity, the plan will
      continue and the money that many people have got already, will pass
      also through you.
      So as every letter gets attention and it's instructions are being
      fulfilled carefully, 6 people will get a reward for their
      participation as a "list openers" of 1$ each.
      Your name will move up the list in a geometrical line so when it
      will arrive to the 1# place you will be getting thousands of dollars

      1) You are going to get a lot of mail. So you might want to get a
      p.o. box. You might also choose to stay anonymous and use a false
      name, of course, as long as the postman delivers the letters to you.

      2) Mysteriously (or not), if you try to cheat people by sending your
      messages with your name on the list without sending money to the
      other people on the list, you'll hardly get any money ( integrity-
      you remember..) A person I know tried to do it and he got only 150$
      after 7 weeks. So he sent the money and got more then 20,000$ after
      4 weeks.

      Now we'll deal with the question - Why to participate?

      Let suppose that out of 300 messages I'm sending, I get only 7
      replies ( a very low percentage) so I do 7$ as number 6# on the
      list. Now each person of the7 people that sent me 1$ will send at
      least 300 messages, each one with my name as number 5# and only 7
      people will respond to each of the original 7 so this is more 49$
      for me. Now, these 49 people will send minimum of 300 new messages
      with my name as number 4#, and only 7 will respond.
      Now I'll get more 343$. Now 343 people will send more 300 messages
      at least with my name as number 3# and each of them will receive 7
      replies and I'll get 2,401$.
      O.K. – now is the "fun" part…Each of the 2401 people will send at
      least 300 messages with my name as number 2# and get 7 replies
      back. This gave me 16,807$ . These people will send the message to
      300 groups and if still only 7 people will reply from all the
      groups I will get 117,649$ with an original investment of only 6$!!
      Please remember – Integrity is the best way to go and to do. The
      world will be a better place to live in. So ..success to all of
      you and please be fair. In this case it will also bring you tons of

      Are you willing to join this wonderful and simple business
      opportunity for a "risk" of 6$, 6 stamps & a bit of work? I am!!
      This can really help all of as.

      * You might have seen a similar message in other forums because it
      And I think that this is really genious!!!...
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