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wings at hooters tuesday

A special concession was made on behalf of the Honorable Accord, and we'll have Wings again at the Hooters on Mattis this Tuesday. After tomorrow, we probably
David Brownridge
Oct 3, 2011

(no subject)

Jeffrey Bielawski
May 19, 2011

(no subject)

Jeffrey Bielawski
May 19, 2011

Wings tomorrow at Hooters

Tomorrow we dine at Hooters. We'll start pushin that bird around 9. There. I kept the Honorable Wings accord going. David
David Brownridge
Feb 7, 2011

Oriental Express Game, September 25th, Saturday

Me (John Wilk, tpo Jesse Stein) and my wife Kendra (tpo Echo) are running a one shot larp set on the Orient Express. Here's the current info for this upcoming
John Wilk
Aug 23, 2010

Wings Tonight - BWW Closed for the Week

The BWW on North Prospect is closed this week for remodeling. Where would people like to go instead? Bobby
Bobby Chamberlain
Jul 6, 2010

Re: not to be a total sentimental dork

Oh, this was such a nice post =^-^=. I totally agree with you Beth. It really has been a fun chronicle, and it's great how everyone worked together to make it
Jun 29, 2010

not to be a total sentimental dork

But I just wanted to say thanks to everyone for that last few years. Mike brought me to this game for the first time a few years ago (thanks, Mike!), and I met
Avalon Harmonia
Jun 27, 2010

New Listserv and New Websites...

Hi all, Just sending this out to both the old IC and OOC listservs to remind everyone of the new sites. Here is the current links repository, which will lead
Glass Cheval Storytellers
Jun 26, 2010


This last Saturday, I had an issue getting into the site and the game was canceled for 6/19, so first thanks to the players that came out and went for food and
Jun 25, 2010

Re: Game tomorrow night?

Yes, there is a game tonight. It's at the Union, 4th floor. It's the last game of the chronicle, so make it a fun one. David
David Brownridge
Jun 25, 2010

Game tomorrow night?

Is there game tomorrow night? And if so, where is it? Mike
Mike Bohlmann
Jun 24, 2010

Re: Wings tonight

Or you can come watch George Carlin's first HBO special at my place at 8 and then go to wings at 9:30. - Jordan Jordan Hawker (217) 549-3376
Jordan Hawker
Jun 22, 2010

Wings tonight

As per usual come to wings tonight. 8:30pm Buffalo Wild Wings off north Prospect Pan
CU Storytellers
Jun 22, 2010

add me to to the wave

Thinking about a Lancea Ventrue, so put me on the wave too, if you could.
Jun 18, 2010
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