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Request and 45 Years

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  • Hilton
    This week was the 45 anniversary of King s murder, and soon it will be the 45th anniversary of the Columbia rebellion. And it s 5 years since our conference.
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 6, 2013
      This week was the 45 anniversary of King's murder, and soon it will be the 45th
      anniversary of the Columbia rebellion. And it's 5 years since our conference.

      We're all getting worn, and you've lost some dear friends, but we're still
      hanging on.

      You can take a look at the web site from the 2008 conference at
      www.columbia1968. There's still a lot of fascinating material on it. The site
      has gotten attacked by junk, nothing malicious, but when you go on it you'll see
      a lot of nonsense computer talk. I'm trying to get it fixed - waiting for the
      original designer to help figure it out.

      Also, a college student writing a paper contacted us wanting to know if anyone
      would respond to some questions for her research. She wants to know what we did
      for the summer of 1968. I know a lot of people went on to get beat up in Chicago
      but others, me included, tried to regather and re-create. In any case, I asked
      Mattie to write a letter with her request, and here it is:

      A call for stories...
      I am looking for information about what students involved with the Columbia
      protests did during the summer of '68. My name is Mattie Lehman and I'm
      undergraduate student at Eastern Mennonite University. Using Columbia as a case
      study, I'm attempting to write a paper that explores what happens to the
      momentum of student movements over summer vacation when students are no longer
      concentrated on campuses.

      Some general questions are listed below. If you are interested in providing
      responses please contact me at mattie.lehman@...

      How would you define your role in the Spring strikes?

      The University was effectively shut down for the month of May, what were you
      involved with during this time? When did it feel like summer vacation really

      What did you spend your summer doing? Did you go home? Remain in New York? Work
      a summer job? Attend classes at the Liberation School?

      Did you remain in close contact with other Columbia students during the summer?

      Did you notice any decline in student participation, enthusiasm, or energy
      throughout the summer?

      What attempts were made to reorganize for the fall semester? Did you have any
      personal involvement with any of them?

      What do you think the difference was between students who stayed for the summer
      working for the cause and those who went home or held an unconnected summer job?

      One final formality about my use of any responses you may provide,
      May I have permission to keep our correspondence for current and future research
      projects, and may I deposit it, with my work, in my university's archives for
      future scholars to use?

      Thank you so much for your help,
      Mattie Lehman
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