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Re: Getting back into tweaking patches with the CS2X

I just sold my cs1x, befoe I did I managed to get my fav presets transfered to cs2x, they sound identical. ________________________________ From: Linda Dachtyl
Ilyas Oksas
Jul 7, 2013

Re: Getting back into tweaking patches with the CS2X

Thanks! Good to know. I recall when I got my CS2X (my CS1X had been stolen :-(...), I banked them in too and had 2 extra banks of sounds. Linda
Linda Dachtyl
Jul 7, 2013

Re: Getting back into tweaking patches with the CS2X

 Hey Linda, The original patches on the cs2x are in rom memory and can't be erased. It comes with 256 (128 + 128) preset patches, and 512 user patches, if you
Ilyas Oksas
Jul 7, 2013

Getting back into tweaking patches with the CS2X

Hi, I have been using this synth ever since I bought it new, but haven't messed with sysex for a long time....and have replaced 2 Mac computers since. I would
Jul 6, 2013

Re: CS2X Layer Manager now available as a free download

Hi DMt, Thanks! Hope you have fun using CS2x Layer Manager. Did you know that the CS2x has all the material voices to recreate any of the patches from CS1x?
Jun 5, 2013

Re: Cs2x sysex error (i can play it but can't receive/send sysex ban

With lightning speed he responds to a 10-year-old post!...but I bet someone else is struggling with this somewhere, so. I wrecked my head for several long
Jun 3, 2013

Re: CS2X Layer Manager now available as a free download

Nice work, Bentley. I have both CS1&2x [silly, I know, but hey...] and Though I have BackgroundEdit for the CS1, I didn't know there was a CS2 equivalent -
Jun 3, 2013

CS2X Layer Manager now available as a free download

I'm offering my old CS2X Multi-Timbral Layer emulation app, Layer Manager for free download. I can't offer any support but use or don't use at your own risk:
Oct 23, 2012

Re: CS2X

Google is your friend. Looking 'CS2X editor' for gets these results: http://www.techno-id.com/synthes.htm#CS2X%20Yamaha For instance. The CS2X is aimed at the
Apr 23, 2012

Re: CS2X

SO I have some questions as this is my first synth after only playing Yamaha psr 295. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE HELP A FELLOW HERE. HIGHLY APPRECIATED 1. Can I use
Apr 23, 2012

Re: CS2X

Hi The CS1X and CS2X Synths were designed for active control of electronic music. They are both basically ROMplers and are limited by the original sample
Epiik Soul
Apr 22, 2012

Re: CS2X

That's a tricky one. As far as I can tell, there are two sampled piano patches: There's the basic Yamaha AWM2 patch (similar to my TG500 and the old SY55
Apr 22, 2012


Hey people, I recently bought Yamaha Cs2x. Like the synths, pads etc but cannot seem to find a good piano sound. Any help? Cheers :)
Apr 19, 2012

Re: CS2x Tool Disk Anyone?

... Nevermind, I found the disk in another Yahoo group 'yamahacs2xowners' (in the folder 'CS2x Tech Manuals').
Aug 4, 2010

CS2x Tool Disk Anyone?

Hi, I'm looking for the Tool Disk as mentioned in the Silver Book. I already found the Setup Disk amongst the files in this forum. Google didn't find the Tool
Aug 2, 2010
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