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book contest for Latino/a poets: Montoya Prize

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    Andres Montoya Poetry Prize http://www.nd.edu/~latino/poetry_prize/guidelines.htm To Apply Only submissions following these guidelines will be considered
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 1, 2007
      Andres Montoya Poetry Prize

      To Apply
      Only submissions following these guidelines will be considered

      Latino/a poets who have not had a book professionally published. Authors of
      chapbooks and self-published works are eligible, but the manuscript submitted
      should not have been published as a whole in any form. Manuscripts may be
      submitted elsewhere simultaneously, but authors must notify the Institute for
      Latino Studies immediately if a manuscript becomes committed to another press. It
      is understood that, in the absence of such notification, the winning author is
      committed to publishing his/her manuscript with the University of Notre Dame
      Press. A manuscript committed to another press is not eligible for the Andrés
      Montoya Poetry Prize. There is no entrance fee. Employees and students of the
      University of Notre Dame are not eligible.

      TWO copies of your manuscript must be submitted.
      Manuscripts must be of original poetry, in English, by one poet who is a
      citizen or permanent resident of the United States. There are no restrictions on
      the style of poetry or subject matter. Translations are not eligible.
      The manuscript must be a minimum of 50 numbered pages and a maximum of 100
      numbered pages in length. All manuscripts must be paginated. Each new poem must
      start a new page.
      The manuscript should begin with unnumbered frontmatter: a title page that
      shows the book’s title and your name, address, telephone number, and e-mail
      address (if you have one); a table of contents; and (if applicable) a list of
      Begin paginating the manuscript after the frontmatter. If your book is
      divided into parts or has an epigraph, Page 1 will be the first part title or the
      epigraph. Otherwise, Page 1 will be the first poem.
      In formatting the manuscript, please make legibility your first priority. If
      you use a word processor, choose a standard typeface (such as Garamond or
      Times New Roman) in at least 10-point type. Manuscripts should be single-spaced,
      or 1.5 spaced. Manuscripts may be prepared on a typewriter instead of a word
      processor. Handwritten manuscripts will not be accepted.
      A brief biography may appear at the end of the manuscript. This information
      is not required and, if submitted, need not be included in the page count.
      Each manuscript should be fastened with a binder clip; staples, report
      covers, and other bindings should not be used.
      Authors who wish the ILS to acknowledge receipt of their manuscripts must
      enclose a self-addressed, stamped postcard. A self-addressed, stamped,
      business-sized envelope must also be enclosed in order to receive notification of the
      Manuscripts submitted to the contest will not be returned. Please keep a copy
      of the manuscript.

      The winner will receive $1000 and publication at the University of Notre Dame
      Press under a standard contract, as well as an invitation from the Institute
      for Latino Studies to read from his/her work, along with the judge, upon
      publication of the book, with all expenses paid.
      The Institute for Latino Studies reserves the right to withhold the Andrés
      Montoya Poetry Prize in any given year.

      Please send TWO copies of your manuscript, via US Mail, postmarked no later
      than January 15, 2008, to:

      Francisco Aragón, Coordinator
      Andrés Montoya Poetry Prize
      Institute for Latino Studies
      230 McKenna Hall
      University of Notre Dame
      Notre Dame, IN 46556

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