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poetry contest: David Blair Memorial Chapbook Prize

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  • aejos
    David Blair Memorial Chapbook Prize Call for Submissions: David Blair Memorial Chapbook Prize http://www.organicweaponarts.com/the-david-blair-memorial-prize
    Message 1 of 1 , May 9, 2013
      David Blair Memorial Chapbook Prize

      Call for Submissions: David Blair Memorial Chapbook Prize

      Online submissions link:

      We enthusiastically invite you to submit to the inaugural David Blair
      Memorial Chapbook Prize, judged by award winning poet Vievee Francis.
      The prize includes a cash award of $150, 40 author copies, and a high
      quality video filmed by series editor Jamaal May.

      Camera shy poets fret not. The video can be made regardless of your
      preferred level of participation (including none at all) or can be
      waved altogether if you want.All finalists will also be considered for

      The Blair Prize is open to any poet writing in English. International
      entrees are ok, but the film component of the prize is contingent upon
      the poet living or being available in the continental United States.
      Previously published poems with proper acknowledgment are acceptable.
      Translations are not eligible, nor are previously self-published books.
      Employees of Ow! Arts and previous Ow! Authors are not eligible. The
      prize will not be screened blind but will be judged blind.Blair, born
      David Alan Blair, passed away on July 23, 2011. He was an
      award-winning, multi-faceted artist: singer-songwriter, poet, writer,
      performer, musician, community activist and teacher. Born Sept. 19,
      1967, he grew up in Newton, N.J., but called Detroit his adopted home. 
      Blair performed all over the world and has friends on almost every
      continent. Blair’s work and life leave an indelible impression on the
      Detroit community as well as all of the communities he touched.

      Basic Guidelines 24 pages of poetry, maximum (excluding front matter:
      contents, title page etc,)
      Online submissions only:
      $15 fee
      Award: $150, 40 author copies, and short poetry film for .
      50% author discount, 60% on orders over 50 copies (best author
      discounts in the game)
      Deadline for submissions: June 1

      Judge Bio
      Vievee Francis is the author of Horse in the Dark (Northwestern
      University Press, 2012) which won the Cave Canem Northwestern
      University Poetry Prize for a second collection, and Blue-Tail
      Fly (Wayne State University, 2006) which Poets & Writers Magazine
      listed among their notable debuts. Her work has appeared in numerous
      journals, textbooks and anthologies including Best American Poetry
      2010 and Angles of Ascent, A Norton Anthology of African American
      Poetry. She was the 2009/2010 Poet in Residence for the Alice Lloyd
      Hall Scholars Program at the University of Michigan. She is the
      recipient of a 2009 Rona Jaffe Foundation Writers Award as well as a
      2010 Kresge Award. She is an Associate Editor for
      -francisAdditional GuidelinesPlease submit up to 24 pages of poetry
      with two title pages (one with name and one without). Include an
      acknowledgements page, if applicable.

      Submissions are read blind by our Judge but not by our screeners.
      Manuscripts will be screened by Senior editor Tarfia Faizullah and
      Series Editor Jamaal May.Please format the body of your manuscript in
      any font that has serifs (those little feet at the end of the letters)
      such as Times or Garamond. Titles may be in any font. I’m not saying
      we’ll toss a manuscript if it shows up in Comic Sans or the like, but
      keep in mind how contextual a poetry reading experience is before
      deciding to ignore our guidelines. Save your manuscript as a PDF if
      you’re worried about formatting issues.All submissions must be
      electronic because this is indeed the future. Simultaneous submissions
      are awesome, but please notify us if your manuscript is accepted
      elsewhere during the review period. Keep in mind, acceptance of a full
      manuscript that contains poems from the chapbook manuscript might not
      prevent you from publishing with us, as our publication schedule will
      probably be a year or more ahead of your book publisher’s release.
      Manuscripts that are not selected will be recycled into 1s and 0s.We
      use Submishmash for all submissions. The $15 fee will be charged before
      you upload your mss. The system will accept PDF, DOC, DOCX, TXT, and

      For more information about Organic Weapon Arts and our authors, visit
      us at: www.organicweaponarts.com. 
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