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literary journal seeks submissions: Jet Fuel Review

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    call for submissions: Jet Fuel Review The Jet Fuel Review Call for submissions: Fall 2012 issue (November, 2012) Submission deadline: October 15th, 2012 The
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      call for submissions: Jet Fuel Review

      The Jet Fuel Review
      Call for submissions: Fall 2012 issue (November, 2012)
      Submission deadline: October 15th, 2012

      The Jet Fuel Review is a online literary journal that is a student-run publication of Lewis University, edited by students under advisement of the English department. Our first issue was released in spring 2011 featuring the work of students, alumni, and many nationally-published authors.

      We are now gearing up to launch the fourth issue of the Review, due this winter. To that end, we are accepting submissions from… you! We are accepting fiction (short stories, flash fiction, micro shorts),non-fiction (lyrical essays, memoirs, hybrid works, etc), poems, and artwork. Whether you’re a first-year student or a tenured professor, or neither, we’d like to hear from you. Please see the submission guidelines (below) or refer to the editorial tastes section of the Jet Fuel Review website. We are accepting submissions for the fall 2012 issue, to be released November of this year.

      Guidelines for submissions:

      Fiction: Submissions should be 3000 words or less.

      Non-Fiction: May also include critical literary essays of 3000 words, reviews of chapbooks or novels of 2000 words, and personal narratives of 3000 words or less.

      Poetry: Poems or prose poems of less than 100 lines. Please do not send more than 5 poems within a reading period.

      Artwork: You may send up to 3 pieces of artwork within a reading period. When submitting artwork, we request that you caption the artwork with a title, if available, and the medium in which you worked. We can only literally publish virtual art, that is, art that is transferable to an online format. If you wish to submit a painting or a sculpture, you are welcome to send a photo of the piece.

      Please email all submissions as attachments to:
      <lewislitjournal(at)gmail.com> (replace (at) with @ when sending email)
      lewislitjournal@... <mailto:lewislitjournal@...>

      Please use a subject line in this format: your last name/genre/title. (For example, if you are Jon Fiddlewinker and you are submitting a poem by the name of ‘Amazing Poem’, your subject line should read: Fiddlewinker/poetry/Amazing Poem.)

      All art submissions must be sent in .jpg or .png format for ease of viewing and posting.

      All text submissions must be sent in .doc/.docx format or .rtf format.

      Please include a short bio and contact information with your submissions in the body of the email. If we don’t have your contact information, we cannot publish your work! This would make us sad.

      The content for Jet Fuel Review’s fall 2012 issue is exclusively online. Jet Fuel Review claims first publishing rights, which revert back to the author upon publication. While we allow simultaneous submissions, please do notify us immediately if your work becomes unavailable as we do not publish previously published work, whether that publication occurred online or in print.
      If you submit work, expect to hear back from us prior to December of this year (publication is scheduled for end of November). If you become concerned that we have overlooked your submission, please verify that you sent contact information.

      You can see the current issue of The Jet Fuel Review at


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