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literary magazine for parents seeks submissions

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    Volume I Issue 2. Publish date December 1, 2012. Theme: Celebration. Submission Deadline: October 1, 2012. What do you celebrate as a parent? Do you embrace
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 23, 2012
      Volume I Issue 2. Publish date December 1, 2012. Theme: "Celebration."
      Submission Deadline: October 1, 2012.

      What do you celebrate as a parent? Do you embrace tradition or create each
      celebration anew? Are you celebrated in any way? What was a memorable
      celebration, or one you forgot altogether? Is there something you celebrate,
      even though it goes against your culture or religious beliefs? We are especially
      interested in fictional renditions of the celebrated time or person. (250 to
      3,000 words.)

      Submission Guidelines

      All of our issues are themed; we will endeavor to announce the themes with
      considerable advance notice. For each issue we accept fiction, memoir, essay and
      poetry, as well as book reviews. We generally do not accept news; but if you
      have something you'd like us to consider, we're open to brief but intense
      queries. All content must be parenting-related, although we draw this connection
      quite loosely. If you are working toward the goal of parenting, or looking back
      on a life of parenting you feel you've left behind; if you are a step-parent or
      a surrogate or an adopted child thinking about your future parenting life; if
      you are the partner of a parent with a tenuous relationship to parenting,
      yourself; all these are valid. Naturally we are eager to see parenting essays
      from traditional monogamous heterosexual families as well as gay parents,
      blended families, and other less conventional parents.

      We are open to pieces between 250 and 3,000 words, and poetry of a page or two.
      We do not word count, but if we feel we need to, it's probably too long.

      Please submit a completed draft of your story or essay to us via email, with the
      piece pasted in the body of your email,
      <stealingtimemag(at)gmail.com> (replace (at) with @).
      Please use the word "Submission" in your subject line and also indicate the
      genre of the piece and its title. Start us off with a brief paragraph telling us
      who you are, and please give us your full name, physical and email addresses,
      and phone number.

      We'd rather like to publish a wide variety of not-already-famous people, so
      don't feel you need a list of publishing credits or awards. You don't need to
      already be our friend (though we reserve the right to be slightly biased toward
      nice folks). It is our belief that we can find a wealth of high-quality writing
      about parenting that has somehow been slipping through the cracks at those other
      literary journals and parenting magazines. Prove us right.

      We pay! We consider this our most important priority. Writers should be paid.
      We'll let you know how much we expect to pay when we accept your piece; most
      will be between $100 and $500, depending on length and how hard our jaws hit the
      floor when we start reading.

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