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poetry contest for Chicago-area poets

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  • crwropps@aol.com
    http://www.poetsandpatrons.net/contest12.html Poets & Patrons 56th Annual CHICAGOLAND POETRY CONTEST Deadline: September 1, 2012 PRIZES: $45.00, $20.00,
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 11, 2012

      Poets & Patrons 56th Annual
      Deadline: September 1, 2012

      PRIZES: $45.00, $20.00, $10.00 and three HMs in each category.
      A $12.00 ($10.00 for members) entry fee covers one poem submitted in any or all categories. Each additional poem $1.00. Winners will be notified in October.


      #1 RELIGIOUS POEM In Memory of Pat Gangas
      (open to all) Sponsors: Glenna Holloway and Wilda

      #2 HUMOROUS POEM In Memory of Ella Kracke
      (open to all) Sponsor: W. Clement Stone

      #3 FORMAL VERSE In Memory of Helen Schaible
      (open to all) Sponsors: the children of Helen Schaible

      #4 FREE VERSE In Memory of Margarete Cantrall
      (open to all) Sponsor: Beth Staas

      #5 SOCIAL CONSCIENCE In Memory of Virginia Nicholas
      (open to all) Sponsor: Linda Wallin

      #6 MINIATURE POEM In Memory of Wiltrude Lee Smith
      (open to all) Sponsor: Jared Smith

      #7 THEME: Chicago news, In Memory of Robert Anderson
      politics and newspapers Sponsors: Judith Tullis and Charlotte
      (open to all) Digregorio

      #8 THEME: Chicago art In Memory of Gertrude Rubin
      and/or museums (open to Sponsors: Tom Roby and Jenene
      members and Chicagoland Ravesloot

      #9 THEME: Outdoor Chicago, In Memory of Wilma Burton and
      city and suburbs Bernhard Hillilla
      (open to members and Sponsor: John Gordon
      Chicagoland residents)

      #10 THEME: Chicago History In Memory of Gladys Muller
      (open to members and Benjamin M. Eaton
      and Chicagoland residents) Sponsors: Caroline Johnson and
      Barbara Eaton


      Eligibility: (1) Categories #1 through #7 are open to all.
      Categories #8 through #10 are open to members and other persons living within 100 miles of Chicago.
      (2) Poems must be in English and unpublished.
      (3) Poems may not be entered if they have won earlier cash
      awards from Poets & Patrons.
      (4) Do not enter the same poem in two categories.
      (5) Line limit: 60 lines. Miniature poem: 12 lines.

      Format: (1) Type or computer-generate on 8 ½” x 11” standard paper,
      using font size 12 or up.
      (2) Use no unusual fonts or graphics.
      (3) An entry consists of 2 copies of the poem. In the upper right-hand corner of each copy, place number, category, form of poem (for Formal) and the title of the poem.
      (4) At the top left of one copy, place name, address, phone number, and email of the poet.
      (5) Do not staple pages together. Exception: should your poem necessitate a second page, staple these together and label them p. 1, p. 2.
      (6) Assemble your entries by category number, the identified copy, then unidentified copy.
      (7) Send all entries flat, in a single mailing, using first class mail, postmarked no later than September 1, 2012.
      (8) Be sure to enclose your check for $12.00 ($10 for members), made payable to Poets & Patrons, Inc.
      Entry fee covers one poem in each category. Each additional poem costs $1.
      (9) If you want a winners’ list, enclose SASE.

      Send entries, inquiries, and fees to: Barbara Eaton, Contest Chair, 416 Gierz
      Street, Downers Grove, IL 60515-3838. Poet keeps all rights. Poems will not be returned. Judges are out-of-state professionals, and their decisions are final.
      Rules also posted on web site: www.poetsandpatrons.net

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