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creative writing position: Evergreen State College

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  • AllisonJ
    Creative Writing http://www.evergreen.edu/facultyhiring/jobs/creativewritingfaculty12.htm The Evergreen State College seeks a full-time faculty colleague to
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      Creative Writing

      The Evergreen State College seeks a full-time faculty colleague to teach creative writing in a wide range of interdisciplinary programs at the undergraduate level. The successful candidate must be professionally trained and published in fiction and at least one of the following genres: screenwriting, creative nonfiction, or graphic novel. Candidates must have experience teaching fiction and an additional writing genre at the college level, must have publications in fiction and in one other genre (in the case of screenwriting, at least one produced script).

      Evergreen organizes its curriculum through coordinated interdisciplinary studies (rather than through departments and courses). Students enroll in team-taught interdisciplinary "programs" full time, often for multiple quarters. Faculty on teaching teams enjoy a high degree of freedom to determine the subject matter, emphases, pace, classroom strategies and modes of evaluation in these programs. In some years, faculty teach students working close to their own discipline at a variety of experience levels; in other years they join faculty from diverse disciplines to develop a theme-based curriculum, sometimes for first-year students, or for advanced students, or for all levels. In keeping with this teaching and learning model, ideal candidates for this position will demonstrate engagement with one or more disciplines outside of creative writing and in different social, cultural, or environmental arenas, through creative work, teaching, or research. We're searching for a faculty member who enjoys working with other faculty to model for students and with students the collaborative strategies that multiple disciplines deploy to succeed in the scholarly and professional worlds. We also encourage applicants who have had experience teaching and/or working with students from underrepresented populations.

      In addition to teaching, faculty are expected to advise and mentor students and participate in Evergreen's system of shared governance. Through their participation in shared governance, faculty play a significant role in most aspects of how the college is run.

      More: Apply for this Position | Faculty Hiring Process | Salary Range and Benefits

      Minimum Qualifications:
      M.F.A. or equivalent terminal degree;
      College level teaching experience;
      Publications in fiction and one other genre (screenwriting, creative nonfiction or graphic novel); and
      Experience integrating the teaching of creative writing with other disciplinary fields.
      Preferred Qualifications:
      Experience teaching with faculty from a variety of disciplines; and
      Experience teaching and/or working with students from underrepresented populations.
      This is a Regular Faculty position, eligible for continuing appointment after two, three-year renewable contracts. Review of complete applications begins March 9, 2012. We will continue to accept applications until finalists are selected.

      To apply, please submit the following information on our online application, link is above:

      Contact Information
      Work Experience
      Affirmative Action
      Submit the following items as an attachment(s) with an email:

      Curriculum vitae.
      Letter of application.
      1-2 page statement of your teaching philosophy and practice. Please focus specifically on your understanding and experience of interdisciplinary study and what you believe should distinguish a liberal arts education today.
      1-2 page statement of your multicultural experience and/or practice.
      Examples of scholarly or artistic work. (Research papers or reviews)
      Evaluations by students (if available)
      Three current letters of reference from professional colleagues that speak to your teaching experience; in addition, letters from students are often useful. Letters of reference may be emailed or mailed directly to our faculty hiring office.
      To send additional application materials or for questions regarding this position, contact us at:

      Faculty Hiring Coordinator
      The Evergreen State College
      2700 Evergreen Parkway, L-2002
      Olympia, WA 98505
      (360) 867-6861 voice
      (360) 867-6794 fax
      (360) 867-6834 TDD

      About Evergreen

      Evergreen is a public liberal arts college emphasizing integrated interdisciplinary study and team-teaching throughout the undergraduate curriculum and in three graduate programs. Teaching at Evergreen allows faculty members to exercise broad-ranging intellectual curiosity and to work collaboratively with faculty colleagues and students formulating interdisciplinary questions and inquiry.

      Faculty members team-teach in full-time interdisciplinary programs. With their teaching colleagues they collaboratively design thematically-centered programs that bring together multiple disciplines. Faculty teams also strive to address core academic experiences we believe should be included in all programs: teaching writing and quantitative reasoning; deepening students' academic, artistic and interpretative abilities and skills; promoting culturally diverse traditions of knowledge; and creating inclusive learning environments for students and faculty members.

      Recognizing diversity as a defining characteristic of the 21st century, the college has intensified its efforts to become a multicultural and diverse institution. Substantive experience working across cultural differences is therefore highly desirable for all positions. Committed to equal opportunity and affirmative action, TESC is working to build a diverse, broadly trained faculty. We particularly encourage applications from candidates whose race, national origin, sex, age, religion, marital status, sexual orientation, veteran status or physical disability will contribute to our diversity.

      Faculty membership is unranked with salary determined on an open scale based on earned degrees and years of relevant experience.

      Evergreen's fundamental academic commitments are summarized in our Five Foci:

      Interdisciplinary study
      Personal engagement in learning
      Linking theoretical perspectives with practice
      Collaborative/cooperative work
      Teaching across significant differences
      The College reserves the right to extend searches or not offer positions advertised. All position offers are contingent on funding. Persons with disabilities can receive accommodations in the hiring process by contacting the Faculty Hiring Coordinator. The Evergreen State College is an equal opportunity employer.
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