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poetry book contest: Tebot Bach

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    Tebot Bach announces The Patricia Bibby First Book Award, 2012 Deadline for Submission October 31, 2011 $1,000 and Book Publication Patricia Bibby was a
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 4, 2011
      Tebot Bach announces

      The Patricia Bibby First Book Award, 2012

      Deadline for Submission October 31, 2011

      $1,000 and Book Publication

      Patricia Bibby was a beginning poet whose poems expressed her love oflife while living with cancer. Her kindness, humor, and optimism inspired thelove of many new friends in the poetry community. She died in 2004, at 43,without having been published. In naming the First Book Award after PatriciaBibby, Tebot Bach honors the aspirations and spirit of all beginning poets.Dorothy Barresi serves as judge for this competition that looks for a fresh,new voice in poetry.


      Judge: Dorothy Barresi

      The competition is open to all poets writing in English who have notcommitted to publishing collections of poetry of 36 poems or more in editionsof over 400 copies.

      Entries of 50–84 pages of original poetry in English must bepostmarked by October 3, 2011. Entries postmarked after October 31, 2011 will not be read.Manuscripts will not be returned. Manuscripts must be bound with a binder clip.No staples, folders, or printer-bound copies. No photographs, images, orillustrations. Please do not include acknowledgements at this time. Pleasedo not include any identifying information anywhere in the manuscript.Submit two title pages. The first, not fastened with the manuscript, shouldinclude the title of the manuscript, author’s name, address, telephone number,and email address in upper right corner. The second, fastened with themanuscript, should include only the title in upper right corner. Entries shouldbe fastened in this order:

      1. Title page

      2. Table of contents

      3. Collection of poems

      Items 1 and 2 are not included in the 50–84 page count.

      Manuscripts should be letter-quality, typewritten, and single-spaced.Photocopies are acceptable. Please do not submit your only copy, as manuscriptswill not be returned.

      Tebot Bach assumes no responsibility for damaged or lost manuscripts.

      Manuscripts must be previously unpublished.

      Translations and multi-authored collections are not eligible.

      Past and current volunteers and employees of Tebot Bach are noteligible. Poets who have studied with Dorothy Barresi in more than 2 workshopsettings are not eligible.

      Simultaneous submissions are acceptable, but Tebot Bach must be notifiedimmediately if a collection is accepted for publication via email:
      <info(at)tebotbach.org> (replace (at) with @)

      Please include a non-refundable reading fee of $25 for each manuscript entered, check or moneyorder, made out to Tebot Bach. Include a business-size SASE (self-addressedenvelope) for notification. Include a SAPC (self-addressed postcard) fornotification of receipt of manuscript. Postcard should include title ofmanuscript.

      Mail manuscript, check or money order payable to Tebot Bach, SASE,SAPC in one envelope to:

      Patricia BibbyAward

      Tebot Bach

      Post Office Box7887

      Huntington BeachCA 92615-7887

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