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sonnet contest: Daybreak Press

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    http://www.daybreakpoetry.com/contest.htm   Daybreak Press is proud to announce a call for entries to the Third Annual Dancing Galliard Sonnet Contest. We
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 7, 2007
      Daybreak Press is proud to announce a call for entries to the Third Annual
      Dancing Galliard Sonnet Contest. We seek original sonnets from new as well as
      established authors. Sonnets should be fourteen lines with symmetrical prosody
      (it should have form enough to create a musical effect when read aloud). While
      the judges are somewhat partial to formal styles, free sonnets such as the
      American or Innovative sonnet are encouraged as well as Shakespearean,
      Petrarchan, and Spenserian sonnets; rhyme is only recommended for those mature enough
      (in the craft of poetry) to handle it professionally.

      Contest Guidelines:
      $3 reading fee for first five sonnets, $1 each thereafter
      Poems must consist of fourteen lines, each line having no less than three
      beats and no more than seven, with metrical structure that works for the
      particular sonnet (craft it to a plan, and violate that plan only if it really adds to
      the poem).
      Prosody is very important in this contest. Sonnets must have a rhythm that
      carries from the page to the reader/auditor.
      This year’s panel of judges: David M Pitchford, Chair, 10-year editor and
      publisher of Prism and president of the Poets & Writers Literary Forum of
      Springfield, Illinois (PWLF); Siobhan, author of Through the Longing Daze, co-author
      Dialogues; Ethan Lewis, Ph.D., Professor of English at the University of
      Illinois at Springfield, coauthor of Conundrums for the Long Weekend and author of
      Sangamon Poets: A Critical Anthology: (Edwin Mellen Press: Lewiston, New York:
      2007); and Corrine Frisch, Treasurer for PWLF, President of the Vachel
      Lindsay Association, as well as author of numerous chapbooks.
      Submit hard copy*: 3 copies of each sonnet, one sonnet per page, typed or
      printed in type (please, no handwriting), with cover letter; name and contact
      information should be printed/typed on one copy of each poem as well as on the
      cover letter. Make check/money order out to Pitch-Black LLC. Mail to:

      Dancing Galliard Sonnet Contest
      Pitch-Black LLC
      3360 Carman Avenue
      Springfield, IL  62703


      Grand Prize (awarded for the judges' choice of a group of three or more
      sonnets): $100US plus publication in Daybreak's Prism Quarterly.
      Galliard Sonneteer (blue ribbon): $50US, publication in Prism Quarterly.
      Journeyman: 2 @ $25US and publication in Prism Quarterly.
      All prize winners will receive award certificates as well as one copy of the
      Prism Quarterly issue in which the winners are announced and the sonnets
      Entries not chosen for prizes may be chosen for publication—entrants will be
      notified and offered the option of publication.

      (Pitch-Black LLC reserves the right to make no award(s) should no entry be
      deemed suitable for publication. This has not previously occurred; in fact, we
      gave away $100 more in 2007 than advertised. Contest Chair, David M Pitchford,
      reserves the right to INCREASE prizes based on number and quality of entries.)

      All entries must be postmarked by 13 October 2007.  Winners will be notified
      on or before 31 December 2007. Winners will be announced on the website, and
      winning sonnets showcased in the first Prism Quarterly issue of 2008.

      Snail Mail: submissions are accepted by postal mail in standard manuscript
      format (i.e. one-inch margins, readable fonts, double spaced pages, neatly typed
      or printed, etc.).  Please include cover letter of no more than one page;
      include email and contact information. SASE for response; manuscripts will be
      shredded and recycled.  Mail to: Dancing Galliard Sonnet Contest c/o Pitch-Black
      LLC, 3360 Carman Avenue, Springfield, IL 62703.

      See what's new at http://www.aol.com

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