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CRWROPPS-B: FAQ updated May 21, 2007

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    Creative Writers Opportunities List-Serve (CRWROPPS-B): Frequently Asked Questions (Please print out and save this for future reference) 1) How do I post a
    Message 1 of 1 , May 21, 2007
      Creative Writers Opportunities List-Serve (CRWROPPS-B):
      Frequently Asked Questions
      (Please print out and save this for future reference)

      1) How do I post a message on the list?
      Only the list-serve moderator may post a message to the list.
      This is not a list for conversations among writers.

      If you are an editor or contest organizer who would like to post an
      announcement on the list, send it to the list moderator at
      <crwropps(at)aol.com--replace (at) with@>.

      Please send the announcement in the body of an e-mail message;
      do not send attachments. No live links in the announcements, please.
      Do not use fancy fonts, bold and/or italic lettering, or color in the
      of the announcement. Do not send me anything other than calls for
      or literary contest announcements--anything other than calls for
      submissions/literary contest announcements will not be posted.

      The moderator reserves the right not to post announcements that
      exploit writers.

      2) How do I enter contests posted on the list?
      Please DON'T send me any entries/submissions for or queries about any
      of the
      contests/publication opportunities posted on CRWROPPS. Remember,
      I'm the person posting the information, not the judge of all these
      Please DO NOT hit the reply button and send me your
      instead, read each posting carefully to see how entries are accepted
      (whether entries are accepted via e-mail or postal mail).

      Please read each posting carefully to determine who should receive
      your creative submissions or your questions about the posted
      opportunities, and send those submissions and/or queries on to the
      appropriate editors or contest coordinators. Please don't send your
      work to

      3) How do you join this list?
      Here's how to join CRWROPPS-B:

      Go to

      and click on "Join This Group." Follow the on-screen
      prompts to join.

      Send a blank e-mail to
      (replace (at) with @)

      You will be sent an e-mail message with further instructions on how to
      the list.

      4) Where can I go to read previous postings?
      List Archives:


      (accessible to everyone)

      5) How can I send CRWROPPS messages to friends?
      DON'T hit the reply button if you wish to forward a message to a friend
      is off-list. If you hit the reply button instead of the forward button,
      receive the personal correspondence that you intended for someone else.

      You can always point a friend who is off-list to

      to see messages without joining the list.

      6) Can I receive only the postings in the genre I'm interested in?
      It is not possible for the moderator to send individual subscribers
      messages for just one of the genres covered by CRWROPPS--it is not
      for example, to send one subscriber only the poetry messages, or
      another only
      the fiction messages. The list is all-or-nothing list, and the
      moderator is
      committed to sending messages of interest in fiction, nonfiction and

      If you do not wish to receive e-mail, you should switch your
      subscription to
      "Off/Web Only" and go to

      to read each day's new postings online.

      CRWROPPS is also available in "daily digest" format--meaning you can
      one long posting of all of a single day's messages. Contact the
      moderator at
      <crwropps(at)aol.com> and she will switch your subscription to digest
      if you prefer to receive only one long message per day.

      7) Can you recommend which contests are best to enter?
      It is not possible for the moderator to supply advice on which contests
      be suitable for any individual writer's publication needs. For
      recommendations on the merits of individual contests, please consult
      Winningwriters.com (a paid service).

      8) What does "List on Hiatus" mean?
      If the CRWROPPS-B list is on hiatus, no messages will be posted to the
      list for
      the duration of the hiatus, nor can subscription issues be resolved.
      The list
      moderator requests that no messages for subscription changes or for
      be sent to <crwropps(at)aol.com>during hiatus periods. During hiatus
      the moderator has no or limited access to e-mail, and thus cannot solve
      subscription problems until the hiatus is over.

      9) Can I stay on the list-serve while on vacation?
      Sure. If you e-mail the list moderator before your vacation begins, she
      set your subscription to "OFF" while you are away so that the e-mail
      do not crowd your in-box. When you return, simply e-mail the
      moderator at <crwropps(at)aol.com> with a message that you would like
      subscription restarted.

      10) Why are there so many contests on the list?
      Contests are frequent among small press, university press and
      publishers, and CRWROPPS-B is committed to supporting the endeavors of
      non-commerical publishing entities.
      Also, many of the contests listed are connected to non-profit literary
      journals that also publish non-contest submissions as well--for
      about submitting non-contest submissions to those markets, consult
      Market, Poet's Market, or the Directory of Literary Magazines and
      No fee contests will be designated with the words (no fee) in their
      "Call for submissions" indicates a market looking for work without

      11) How do you say the name of the list?
      I say CRWROPPS like CROPS, but with an extra emphasis on the
      "R"--rolling it
      like in the Spanish language. Feel free to pronounce it however you

      12) Who is behind this list?
      The CRWROPPS-B list is a one-woman, non-profit, volunteer operation--
      one writer's way of helping other writers. In corresponding with
      the list moderator regarding any aspect of this service, your patience
      and courtesy is appreciated.

      Allison Joseph
      CRWROPPS-B Moderator
      (replace (at) with @)
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