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call for submissions: Hayden's Ferry Review

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  • crwropps@aol.com
    To celebrate HFR s 25th anniversary, we ve got a special theme in the works. We d like to receive work--fiction, poetry, creative nonfiction, translations,
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      To celebrate HFR's 25th anniversary, we've got a special theme in the works.
      We'd like to receive work--fiction, poetry, creative nonfiction, translations,
      art, mixed-media--that addresses the theme of "artifacts," as described
      (somewhat vaguely, on purpose!) here.

      Art is, by its nature, a record. Literature, photographs, paintings, music: all
      these seek to catalogue the world just as they seek to elevate and transform it.
      A piece of art is also then, by its nature, an artifact: an object with unique
      meaning both within its context and apart from it. For HFR's 50th issue, we're
      interested in investigating how fragments and relics from our history help to
      shape our current state of being. What happens when you wrest an object from its
      homeland (in time, place, state of mind)? Why do we trust remnants of the past
      as distinctively truthful, and how do we inevitably misunderstand them? Send us
      writing and art that engages with the theme of "artifact" in whatever way you
      see fit. Consider the fact that writing itself - the writing, for instance, in
      HFR's 49 past issues - becomes a slightly different object upon publication and
      perusal. Consider that work banned in one country develops a new set of meaning
      in other places. Consider how artifacts shape the identities of people, nations,
      cultures. Consider the lives of fraudulent artifacts, objects that create
      invented histories and narratives. And hey, consider something that we haven't.
      Tell us all about ourselves: we trust you.

      To submit, go to our Submishmash page <http://hfr.submishmash.com> . Choose the
      genre you're submitting under, and mention that you're submitting in response to
      our "artifact" call in the comments section. We look forward to reading your

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