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fiction, nonfiction & poetry contest: Alligator Juniper

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    2011 National Contest in Fiction, Creative Nonfiction and Poetry
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      2011 National Contest in Fiction, Creative Nonfiction and Poetry

      $15 entry fee
      $1000 first-place prize

      Postmark Deadline: October 1, 2011

      Our annual contest awards $1,000 plus publication for the first-place
      winner in fiction, creative nonfiction, and poetry. Finalists will be
      noted as such in our journal, selected for publication, and paid in
      copies. $15 entry fee, checks or money orders payable to Alligator
      Juniper. Every entrant receives one copy of the 2012 issue, a $10
      value. The issue will come out in late spring 2012. There is no theme
      for the 2012 issue. Work is selected upon artistic merit. By entering
      our contest you agree to allow us to select your work for publication
      even if it does not place first. We encourage submissions from writers
      of all levels, especially emerging or early-career writers. We accept
      simultaneous submissions; please inform us in your cover letter and
      contact us immediately if your work is selected elsewhere.

      Submissions accepted August 15 through October 1, 2011 (postmark

      Include a brief cover letter, including the statement below (see
      Include S.A.S.E for response only; manuscripts are recycled, not
      Include a $15 entry fee payable to Alligator Juniper for each story
      or essay (30-page limit per entry), or up to five poems.
      Additional entries require additional fee.
      Indicate category with a large F, NF, or P on cover letter and
      mailing envelope.
      Manuscripts must be typed with numbered pages. Prose double-spaced.
      Double-sided copies encouraged.
      No email submissions.

      Send to: Alligator Juniper, Prescott College, 220 Grove Ave.,
      Prescott, AZ 86301.

      IMPORTANT: Unfortunately, due to recent problems with misinformed
      entrants and withdrawals, we ask that you include the following
      statement in your signed cover letter: “My work may be considered for
      publication, even if it doesn’t win the contest. This signed statement
      constitutes permission for publication if it is selected.”

      Back issues are available for all but 1995 (the premier issue), 2001,
      and 2007. Send $10 to above address and request a copy from any year,
      1996–2000, 2002–2006, or 2008–2011.

      All entries are read and discussed by Prescott College students in the
      Alligator Juniper practicum class. This class is overseen each fall by
      two faculty members, both of whom are published writers, one a poet and
      one a prose writer.

      All entrants receive a personal letter from one of our staff regarding
      the status of their submission. We usually inform in late January. The
      individual attention we devote to each manuscript takes time. We
      appreciate your patience.
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