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call for submissions: Victim's Anthology

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  • aejos
    We at Notes and Grace Notes are accepting submissions for a Victim s Anthology. The address for submissions is:
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      We at Notes and Grace Notes are accepting submissions for a Victim's Anthology.

      The address for submissions is:


      This is a quote from Harmoni McGlothlin, the Editor of N&GN:

      "My essay was the hardest thing I have ever written. I revised it again & again,
      each round a new battle with the event. But it was also the most stunning thing
      I have ever written and while it was hard to write it really did take a lot of
      the shame and the pain out of the experience. In writing it, in giving myself a
      voice and rights over the event as a writer, I took back my power 15 years

      It sounds strange, I suppose, but as writers we have power over our stories and
      so articulating this one experience, facing it on the blank page and reckoning
      with it, really did do more good for me than all the years of therapy ever did.
      The statistics on this crime are absolutely staggering in the US- 1 in 3 women,
      nearly 3 million men, one rape or sexual assault occurring every 2 MINUTES in
      this country- and yet the psychological effects of it (generally shame and guilt
      on the part of victims) is what keeps us silent. We don't want to talk about it,
      to let it out, because for whatever reasons doing so is terrifying. I've heard
      so many women say in various ways that talking about it will invite judgement.
      It's the shame of it, the fact that the vast majority of victims tend to blame
      themselves, that convinces us that if we talk about it someone will somehow
      point out some conclusive evidence that we "deserved it".

      This book is the most important project we've ever taken on because in writing
      our stories we are healing, taking that power back, and in sharing those stories
      we are helping other victims to do the same."

      Thank you for your help.

      Sandra Harris-Gompf
      Editor for Victim's Anthology
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