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scholarship contest to writing conference: SBWC

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    A new whirlwind Community of Voices Writing Contest. DEADLINE June 9, 2007. http://www.communityofvoices.com/writing_contest.html THE PRIZE: A Day Student
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 3, 2007
      A new "whirlwind" Community of Voices Writing Contest. DEADLINE June 9, 2007.

      THE PRIZE: A Day Student scholarship* to the 2007 Santa Barbara Writers
      Conference, June 22-29. (This scholarship includes all of the official events of
      the conference but does not include room or meals.)
      THE RULES:
      1. Send up to 1200 words of your best writing. Your entry my be an excerpt
      from a larger work.
      2. You may send fiction, creative nonfiction, personal essay, humor, poetry
      or experimental.
      3. Your topic or theme can be ANYTHING. If you prefer to have a theme to work
      with, your theme is "MOTHER" or "FATHER."
      4. Entry fee is $10.00. Make checks payable to GRACE RACHOW. Please put
      COMMUNITY OF VOICES SCHOLARSHIP on the "for" line of your check. ALL the entry fee
      money will go directly to SBWC scholarships.
      5. Multiple entries? Yes. You may enter as many times as you wish, but each
      entry must include a $10.00 entry fee. Multiple entries may be sent in the same
      envelope. Several poems may be grouped as a single entry.
      6. How to enter? You may send your manuscript via MS Word attachment to
      grachow(at)aol.com (replace (at) with @).
      Your entry fee check must be sent by mail to:
         Grace Rachow
         Community of Voices
         P.O. Box 30302
         Santa Barbara, CA 93130
      Make sure it's clear which contest entry goes with the check you send. Or you
      may, if you prefer, send a paper manuscript to the above PO address with your
      entry fee check.
      Your manuscript (either paper or email attachment) and your check must be
      received by me before judging time begins. You may send your check ahead, and
      send your manuscript via email attachment, anytime before noon on June 9, 2007.
           Make sure you give a phone number where you can be reached the week
      following June 9.
           Cover letter optional.
      7. Deadline: Judging will take place on June 9, 2007. (Yes I know this is
      very soon. This is a whirlwind contest! Don't procrastinate.) So all entries must
      be in my hands by noon, June 9.
      8. Winners (two or more) will be announced shortly after June 9, as soon as
      they can be chosen and notified.
      9. Winners will be selected on writing merit by a panel of judges.
      10. The only eligibility requirement is that you follow all the rules and
      want to (and be able to) attend the 2007 Santa Barbara Writers Conference. If you
      are chosen a winner, but are not able to attend, the scholarship will go to a
      runner-up in this contest. You will still retain the honor of being a winner
      of the CoV writing contest.
      11. How many scholarships will be awarded? Two and maybe more. The more entry
      fees and donations, the more scholarships. All contest fees and donation
      money will go to scholarships. Please spread the word to any writers who might
      like to attend the SBWC.
      12. If you happen to love the idea of sending promising writers to attend
      this conference, and you would like to contribute directly (in any amount) to
      this contest scholarship fund, your help would be very much appreciated. Special
      thanks to those who contributed last year. Three writers attended last year's
      SBWC on CoV scholarships thanks to the generosity of the Santa Barbara writing
      *The prize scholarship includes registration for all of the regular workshops
      and official events of the 2007 Santa Barbara Writers Conference, but does
      NOT include master classes, appointments with agents, room or meals. All of
      those additional items will be available to you for the regular fees paid by
      regular enrollees.
      Grace Rachow, editor
      Community of Voices
      phone: 805-682-6943

      See what's free at http://www.aol.com

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