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sex in 100 words anthology seeks submissions

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  • crwropps@aol.com
    THE DEADLINE for the 100 Words Anthology has been extended until March 1, 2011. Here s the original call: It s notoriously difficult to write about sex. As
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 3, 2011
      THE DEADLINE for the 100 Words Anthology has been extended until March
      1, 2011. Here's the original call:

      It's notoriously difficult to write about sex. As even the most
      inventive writers struggle to capture its utter fabulousness, this most
      visceral and energized experience keeps looping around to its own
      staid, repetitive language. There are varying levels of heat (hot,
      sizzling, torrid); a running X-rated soundtrack (moan, scream, grunt)
      and the inevitable parade of pounded, perspiring and manipulated body
      parts (breasts, butts, rods). If you've read one (jerk, cum, rigid),
      you've pretty much read them all (suck, damp, spurt). The poems range
      from the dryly clinical (vagina, testicles, areola) to the
      unintentionally comedic (dripping honey pot, throbbing member).

      So how do we re-energize and reinvent the sex poem? We identify the 100
      words that are the most blatant offenders, and we declare them off
      limits. That forces us to examine the act without the customary escape
      routes, those words that say "I don't know how to say this, so I'm
      saying this."

      Here's a chance to muse upon the loss (or rediscovery) of your
      virginity, the best or worst you've ever had, illicit sex, purchased
      sex, sex toys, illegal sex, teenage sex, geezer sex, sex in the news,
      dangerous liaisons and fumbling first attempts. Use your imagination,
      but don't use THOSE WORDS--and be sure to look for unexpected entry
      points (oops) into your work. Utilize persona, shifting perspective,
      nonce forms, etc. No scratch-and-sniff, please.

      For a list of the forbidden words, please email
      <100Wrds(at)gmail.com> (replace (at) with @ in sending e-mail).
      Submissions will be accepted at the same address. Please, no more than
      three poems per submission, and no previously published poems. No
      publisher has yet been wooed for this project, but the search is on.
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