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poetry book contest: U of Arkansas Press

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    The Miller Williams Arkansas Poetry Prize Enid Shomer, Series Editor The University of Arkansas Press publishes four books of poetry annually. Announcing! The
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      The Miller Williams Arkansas Poetry Prize
      Enid Shomer, Series Editor
      The University of Arkansas Press publishes four books of poetry annually.

      The University of Arkansas Press Poetry Series' annual $5000 Miller Williams Arkansas Poetry Prize
      For submissions in September and October of 2010
      One winner and up to three finalists will be published in 2012

      In addition to publication, the winner will receive the $5,000 Miller Williams Arkansas Poetry Prize.

      The poetry prize is named in honor of Miller Williams, one of America’s finest poets and cofounder and first director of the University of Arkansas Press. Williams was also a codirector of the University of Arkansas’s nationally recognized creative writing program. As the director of the UA Press, Williams published the work of many outstanding poets and writers, including that of Billy Collins, Ellen Gilchrist, Robert Mezey, R. S. Thomas, Frank Stanford, and John Ciardi. He is known to many as the poet who read a poem at Bill Clinton’s 1997 presidential inauguration.
      View the 2011 Press Release.
      View the 2010 Press Release.

      The University of Arkansas Press invites submissions of manuscripts each fall for its poetry series, now in its twenty-eighth year. We are committed to publishing diverse kinds of poetry by a diversity of poets. The only criterion is excellence.

      1. The series is open to all book-length manuscripts by a single author of 60 to 90 pages, except translations. Individual poems may have been published in chapbooks, journals, and anthologies.

      2. The editor requests that her friends and current or former students refrain from submitting to the series.

      3. We request that anyone whose manuscript has been previously selected for publication in our poetry series wait three years from publication before submitting another manuscript for consideration in the series. For example: if your book was published in 2008 you may not resubmit until Sept. 1, 2011.

      4. No more than one manuscript per author, please.

      5. Submissions will be accepted annually during the months of September and October. The postmark deadline for entries is October 31. Please do not send revisions once you have sent a manuscript. Up to four manuscripts will be chosen by the following July 1, one of which will win the $5,000 prize.

      6. Manuscripts should be typed or machine-printed, single-spaced, with no more than one poem per page. Please do not include an acknowledgments page. No electronic submissions will be considered.

      7. There is a reading fee of $25 payable by check or money order to the University of Arkansas Press. Please do not send cash.

      8. Simultaneously submitted manuscripts are allowed provided we are notified immediately of acceptance elsewhere.

      9. All entries will be judged anonymously. Please enclose two title pages with your submission: one page should include only the title of the manuscript and the other should list the title of the manuscript and the poet’s name, address, telephone number, e-mail address, and a brief, biographical statement. The poet’s name must not appear anywhere else in the manuscript.

      10. If you wish to be notified that your manuscript was received, please include an SAS postcard.

      11. If you submit a #10 SASE along with your manuscript, you will be notified of our decisions by July 1. Otherwise, check our Web site in mid-July (www.uapress.com), where the winners will be announced.

      12. Manuscripts will be recycled rather than returned.

      13. Send your manuscript and reading fee to:

      The Miller Williams Arkansas Poetry Prize
      University of Arkansas Press
      105 N. McIlroy Ave.
      Fayetteville, AR 72701

      Please contact Katy Henriksen at <khenrik(at)uark.edu> (replace (at) with @)
      khenrik@... if you have any questions about the submission requirements.

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      About the Series: http://www.uapress.com/readers/series/miller-williams-poetry-prize/ Entry portal: https://uark.submittable.com/submit/28003 Every year, the
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        Miller Williams Poetry Series
         About the Serieshttp://www.uapress.com/readers/series/miller-williams-poetry-prize/

        Entry portal:
        Every year, the University of Arkansas Press accepts submissions for the Miller Williams Poetry Series and from the books selected awards the $5,000 Miller Williams Poetry Prize in the following summer. For almost a quarter century the press has made this series the cornerstone of its work as a publisher of the country’s best poetry. The series and prize are named for and operated to honor the cofounder and longtime director of the press and one of the America’s greatest poets, Miller Williams. The series is edited by Billy Collins.
        The driving values of the series and the prize are consonant with Williams’s sense of what constitutes good poetry. In his practice as a poet and his work as an editor, Williams favored poetry that showed an awareness of its reader, poetry that was plain spoken but also dealt with the most essential experiences of being human. He also preferred poems that were interested in making the reader feel something rather than poems that were just expressing the plight of the poet. And a bit of humor never hurt, especially if it issued forth from a sensibility that couldn’t help viewing the world from an ironic angle.
        About the Prize
        The editor of the series serves as the judge for the Miller Williams Poetry Prize. With the help of screeners, he or she awards to four authors publication in the series. This is the most significant award the press can offer: the opportunity for the author’s work to be published with all the dedication and expertise we have to offer. We provide professional copyediting by expert poetry editors, design and production by veteran designers who specialize in the typesetting of verse, and production managed by a house with a history of printing first-rate books. We believe this offers the poet the best possible opportunity to connect with his or her audience in print. This prize goes to all four books selected for the series. Three of the books are announced as finalists for the Miller Williams Poetry Prize. One is further chosen as the winner of the prize and receives $5,000 in cash in addition to publication.

        Submission Requirements

        • Length. Manuscripts must be between sixty and ninety double-spaced pages.
        • Previous publication. Individual poems may have been published in chapbooks, journals, and anthologies.
        • Translations. Work in translation is not accepted.
        • Associations with the editor. Friends, family, current students, and former students of the editor should refrain from submitting.
        • Multiple submissions. No more than one manuscript per author.
        • Authorship. No more than one author per manuscript.
        • Simultaneous submissions. Manuscripts under publication consideration or prize competition elsewhere are allowed provided we are notified immediately of their acceptance.
        • Authors previously published in the series. Any author who has had a manuscript published in the series should not apply again until three years after the publication date of said volume.

        How to Apply

        • Site. Apply below or go to http://www.uapress.com.
        • Period. Applications are accepted year-round. The deadline for the following year’s prize is 30 September.
        • Personal information. Applicants should provide their name, an address, a telephone number, and an email address.
        • Manuscript content. The first page of the manuscript should start with the title of the collection, followed by a table of contents, and then the poems. Part titles and epigraphs may be included. Dedications, acknowledgments, or any personal information should not be included.
        • Anonymity. Submissions are judged anonymously. Your name and contact info should be submitted on this submission page but nowhere in the uploaded file. Do not include any specific identifying information anywhere in the manuscript.
        • File formats. We recommend authors submit their manuscripts as a PDF, which offers the most reliable representation of what is seen on the writer’s computer. Microsoft Word documents (.doc) and Rich-Text Format documents (.rtf) are also acceptable but may display text and formatting differently when opened on the judge’s computer.
        • Revisions. No revisions will be accepted once the application is complete and the manuscript is uploaded.
        • Readers fee. A readers’ fee of $28 must be paid at the time of submission. Major credit cards and PayPal are accepted. No checks, transfers, or cash can be accepted.
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