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call for submissions: Arch Literary Journal

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    Call for submissions for the 2010 Issue of Arch Literary Journal:  http://archjournal.wustl.edu/  http://archjournal.wustl.edu/submissions This year the
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 4, 2009
      Call for submissions for the 2010 Issue of Arch Literary Journal: 


      This year the Editors of Arch—the new annual, online literary magazine of Washington University in St. Louis—seek poetry and fiction of all genres and subgenres, essays and nonfiction of any concern, translations from any corner, and new to this reading period: book reviews. 

      While we aim to present the best poetry and fiction available today, we stress our call for reviews, essays, and general nonfiction. Either submit a review you have in-hand, or write for approval/suggestions—we prefer that titles under discussion have print dates falling within the last year/two years. Beyond reviews, we are very interested in nonfiction and essays broaching any topic, polite or not. For all submissions: the farther afield, the more disruptive, the more subversive, the better. 

      Submit either 3-5 poems, 10,000 words of prose or less (fiction or essay/nonfiction), reviews of 2000 words or less, plus a short bio through our submissions manager at <http://archjournal.wustl.edu/submissions>.

      Submissions to multiple genres are permitted; send separately—one email per genre. Do NOT send: sci-fi verse, greeting card verse, inspirational verse, erotic verse, children's verse, any combination of these. Simultaneous submissions are permitted if you notify us immediately of acceptance elsewhere. Submissions disregarding these requirements will be deleted unread.C2Reading period runs until December 1st 2009 for February 2010 publication.

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