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fiction/nonfiction contest: Santa Fe Writers Project

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    The SFWP Literary Awards Program is back and better than ever with Pulitzer Prize winning author Robert Olen Butler on board as judge! Featuring the largest
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 11, 2007
      The SFWP Literary Awards Program is back and better than ever with Pulitzer
      Prize winning author Robert Olen Butler on board as judge!

      Featuring the largest cash prizes in the history of our program, the winner
      and two runners-up will receive:
      1st prize: $2,500
      2nd prize: $1,500
      3rd prize: $1,000

      ENTER NOW— at http://www.sfwpawards.com/

      The SFWP Literary Awards Program

      This year’s judge, Robert Olen Butler, will select authors who represent
      excellence in writing. Mr. Butler will judge prose fiction and non-fiction of any
      genre. We will not be accepting poetry, plays or screenplays.

      All entrants will receive consideration for publication through SFWP press.
      Read more about our publishing department at http://sfwp.com/.

      The Program has already begun and will run through December 31st, 2007. Any
      entries post-marked later than December 31st will not be accepted. Review and
      judging will begin on January 15th 2008.

      The program is open to all authors except for those previously published by a
      major house (Random House, Viking, etc. See our FAQ page,
      http://www.sfwpawards.com/faq.php for further details.). Your entry will be reviewed by our staff
      for eligibility, and you will be contacted and refunded if you are not
      eligible. Due to the length of the awards program, we do allow authors to shop their
      work around.

      Please take a moment to review the guidelines below. If you have questions or
      comments, visit our
      site at  http://www.sfwpawards.com/faq.php or contact us at lap07(at)sfwp.com
      (replace (at) with @).  

      Each entry should be no more than 25 pages in length. This can include any
      number of related short stories or essays, the first 25 pages of a longer work,
      or relevant excerpts or chapters from a work -- however you feel your writing
      is best represented. All entries should be 12-point font and single sided.
      There is no minimum word or page count. Please number your pages.
      Multiple entries will be accepted.
      Entries must include a copy of the Entry Form.
      A $30 reading fee must accompany each submission. We can accept a check or
      money order in US funds, made payable to "Santa Fe Writers Project." This fee is
      non-refundable after the awards have been granted. All decisions made by the
      judge are final.
      Credit card payment for the reading fee will be accepted via PayPal (access
      through our entry form on the website).
      If you are a student, the reading fee is $25. To receive this discount,
      please include a photocopy of a current student ID or similar proof of enrollment.
      Please include two self-addressed stamped envelopes so we can notify you of
      receipt and of the results.
      SFWP will not keep submissions on file or use them for any purpose without
      the permission of the respective authors. We do not share personal contact
      information with any individual, organization or marketing agency.
      SFWP claims no control over your work. There are no stipulations if you are
      selected for the 2007 Awards. Participation in any SFWP-related activity is
      We will not be able to return manuscripts. Please keep a copy of your work.
      The contest is open to international submissions. The reading fee can be sent
      as an international mail order, a check drawn from a US account or via
      Entries may include a synopsis, outline or introductory letter. These will
      not be counted towards your overall page limit. Entries will be blinded. Do not
      send personal correspondence to the Judge.
      You may participate in other contests and programs as well as pursue
      publication during the SFWP 2007 Awards Cycle. There will be no penalties if your work
      wins another award or is published before the judging begins.
      The SFWP Publishing division will review all entries for possible
      publication. They are not obligated to select any of the winners for publication, nor are
      any applicants obligated to work with the Publishing division.
      Winners will also be featured on our online literary journal at
      http://www.sfwp.org .
      Remember: All entries must be accompanied by a $30 reading fee ($25 for
      students). Send your entry, your entry form and the fee to:

      Santa Fe Writers Project
      369 Montezuma Ave
      Santa Fe, NM 87501  

      SFWP’s program began in 2000 and has been judged by National Book Critics
      Circle Award-winner Jayne Anne Phillips, two-time NEA fellow and Hemingway Award
      finalist Richard Currey, Granta "best novelist under 40" and Guggenheim fellow
      Chris Offutt, and popular essayist Ayun Halliday. For more on the history of
      SFWP’s Literary Awards Program, please visit
      “Winning the Grand Prize for the Santa Fe Writers Project Literary Awards
      Program launched the best year of my professional life. SFWP is a first class
      organization, one that actually uses its program to promote writers.” K.L. Cook,
      author of Last Call and The Girl from Charnelle

      Get a sneak peek of the all-new AOL at

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