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poetry chapbook contest:UnlikelyStories.org

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    Poetry Chapbook Contest: UnlikelyStories.org Who We Are: In 1998, when UnlikelyStories.org was founded, it was the only magazine of transgressive literature on
    Message 1 of 1 , May 21, 2009
      Poetry Chapbook Contest: UnlikelyStories.org

      Who We Are:

      In 1998, when UnlikelyStories.org was founded, it was the only magazine of transgressive literature on the Web. Since then, it's published luminaries as diverse as Shane Allison, Louise Landes Levi, and A.D. Winans. In 2004, it expanded into a multimedia, eclectic journal of culture, arts, literature, and occasional chapbooks. This year, we're ramping up our chapbook production. Next year, we'll begin publishing anthologies and full-length manuscripts.

      What You'll Get:

      The contest's winner will receive publication and 20 free copies, additional copies cheap, and a unique marketing campaign including audiovisual "movie trailers," review copies, and promotion at one of the Web's longest-running 'zines. Oh, and 250 USD cash. All entrants will receive their choice of 2009 Unlikely Books: I Can Sing Fire by Anne Lombardo Ardolino, Blue Rooms, Black Holes, White Lights by Belinda Subraman, or the winning chapbook.

      How It's Done:


      20-30 pages of poetry
      15 USD by check/money order
      (or 16 USD by PayPal)


      Make It New Media
      500 S. Mesa St., #392
      El Paso, TX 79901
      (replace (at) with @)


      September 15, 2009

      Fully electronic submissions are encouraged: save a buck, save a tree, save our filing cabinet. Should your payment arrive separately from your manuscript, please make sure that the name on the manuscript is clearly indicated on the payment. I
      f we can't identify and contact the author, we can't accept the manuscript.

      Additional Guidelines:

      We will make every effort to respond to each entrant in the latter half of September. We will also be working intensely with the winning author with the goal of releasing the book in time for Christmas sales. That will mean a biography, a publicity photo, and pre-release publicity blurbs will be sought quickly.
      It's fine, even good, if pieces from the chapbook have been published in other venues. But as a whole manuscript, the chapbook must be previously unpublished, and it may not be a simultaneous submission.

      Who Is Judging:

      Unlikely's Editor-in-Chief, Jonathan Penton, will not be involved in the selection process. Instead, he will receive the manuscripts and strip them of all identifying information, fowarding them to the judges. Chapbooks will be judged by Michael Harold, Anne McMillen, and Belinda Subraman. They'll be assisted by Violetta Tarpinian and Lisa Renee Vincent.
      Our judges were specifically chosen to represent the most diverse aesthetic possible. Our judging panel is familiar with the experimental, the traditional, the neo-pulp and the neo-formalist. We seek eclecticism in our regular journal issues, and we have found it in our judges, as well.

      Who Is Ineligible:

      The judges have never selected poetry for Unlikely and will not know whose manuscripts they are reading. Still, to avoid any appearance of impropriety, current and past staff of UnlikelyStories.org and Mak
      e It New Media, LLC should refrain from entering, as well as the families and long-term sex partners of the judges. Since UnlikelyStories.org staffers are incapable of maintaining long-term filial or sexual relationships, there shouldn't be a conflict there.

      Who Will Benefit:

      Funds will go to Make It New Media, LLC, an experimental printing company founded by some of the staffers at UnlikelyStories.org. Make It New Media was founded on the observation that technology has changed the way books are created, but this technology is primarily in the hands of major corporations, being used in ways that assist corporate publishing. Make It New Media was founded to put these new technologies in the hands of micropresses, and the proceeds of this contest will go to purchasing equipment toward that goal. For more information, check outMakeItNewMedia.com

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