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twisted love anthology: Howl House Press

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    Howl House Press is here, and pleased to be posting our submission guidelines for our first anthology. So lofty are our hopes, we think it ll be an annual
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 5, 2009
      Howl House Press is here, and pleased to be posting our submission guidelines for our first anthology. So lofty are our hopes, we think it'll be an annual publication. Our goal is simple: to find the darkly marvelous and the painfully strange, and present it to as many appreciative readers and viewers as possible. That's it. Why? Because we do love the weird stuff. 


      Not everyone's a writer, or an artist, or a photographer, but everyone's a fan of something. Come in any time and share what you read or watch.

      We look forward to the coming months, and the jagged and delicious discontent we're sure to find in our inbox. 

      SUBMISSION GUIDELINES: Howl House Press is seeking submissions for its first annual anthology. Target date for release is December 1, 2009.

      This volume will contain the darkest and most heartfelt manifestations of the pain of love and desire. We are looking for the following:

      - Poetry (up to 30 lines)
      - Short shorts (up to 300 words)
      - Photography (black and white or colour)
      - Other visual art (query).

      The volume remains untitled. We'll let our contributors be our guide.

      We intend to publish in both e-book and printed format.

      Rules for Submission:

      - Shorts or poetry in doc. or .txt format only.

      - Photography and artwork in digital format, .jpgs preferred.

      - No child pornography or animal sex. We will never condone abuse or violence.

      - We offer no payment at this time; will pay in a contributor's copy.

      - Howl House Press will retain first time electronic and print rights.

      We will accept submissions until August 31, 2009. Please email howlhouse@... with additional questions. 

      *Update February 14, 2009

      With this being our first publication, it's a little harder to convey what it is we're looking for, but I'll try my damnedest: 

      Depictions of love, tinged with the pain only love in its many twisted and often inexplicable forms can bring. Imagery dark and beautiful. Pleading and submissive, reckless and victorious. Well-written, well-presented and original eroticism and BDSM encouraged. Expressions of 'alternative' forms of sexuality is more than welcome, but absolutely NO child pornography or bestiality will be considered.

      We are looking for fiction, photography and art. Non-fiction will be considered, please query first. Unpublished material only, if you please.

      Shel Desormeaux, Editor
      Howl House Press <howlhouse(at)gmail.com> (replace (at) with @)

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